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Stephanie (Character)
from And Soon the Darkness (2010)

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And Soon the Darkness (2010)
Stephanie: [on her cellphone, trying to locate Ellie] So it's me, uhm, where are you? I'm at the cow place now.
[looking around for her friend]
Stephanie: Uhm, so call me. Bye.
[starts pushing her bicycle, looking vaguely worried, as car approaches]
Michael: [driver in car] Hey!
Stephanie: Hi.
Michael: Where's your friend?
Stephanie: Coming.
Michael: Yeah?
Stephanie: Yeah.
[continues pushing bicycle, looks back at him]
Stephanie: Any minute now.
Stephanie: Oh, hey, thanks for your help last night with that guy. He was a real creep.
Michael: Yeah, he was.
Stephanie: You know what?
[checks her cellphone for word from her missing friend]
Stephanie: Probably got a flat or something. I'd better go, but see you around, uh...?
Michael: Michael.
Stephanie: [nods] Stephanie.
[pushing her bicycle, about to leave]
Michael: Hey, where are you going? I'll give you a lift.
Stephanie: [looking back] No, I'm okay, thanks though.