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Nicole Anne 'Nikki' Carpenter (Character)
from "MacGyver" (1985)

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"MacGyver: GX-1 (#3.6)" (1987)
Nikki Carpenter: You were real smooth with that border guard back there. How did you ever manage to ask him about his sister's feet?
MacGyver: All right, so my German's not so good - - we got through, didn't we? I wanna thank you for all YOUR help.
Nikki Carpenter: [referring to the lovely delicate blue-eyed blonde who had been Mac's hot-air-ballooning instructor, and whom Mac had developed a slight but obvious crush on] Well, I suppose your SWISS MISS could have done better.
MacGyver: *Heidi* happens to be extremely competent, intelligent, and articulate.
Nikki Carpenter: Not to mention a great body.
MacGyver: THAT'S not her fault!
Nikki Carpenter: YOU certainly wouldn't hold it against her.
MacGyver: [sarcastically tossing Nikki's previous "you're a closet sexist to not want to bring a woman along on your mountain hike" remark back in her face] Oh, NOW who's the sexist, huh?

[last lines]
Nikki Carpenter: [after having been pushed out of a balloon and catching up with MacGyver on the ground] You! You rat! You're the lowest! I should've know there was a reason you gave me the only 'chute! What's next, MacGyver? Perhaps you'd enjoy dragging me behind a speeding truck. Did it ever even occur to you I could have landed in a tree? Or in the middle of a busy intersection? What if I hadn't of spotted where you landed? Did you ever consider that, Mr. Improvise. And another thing... Wait a minute. Where's Starkoss? Don't tell me. You didn't make him jump, too, did you?
[at MacGyvers nod, Nikki turns to watch Starcoss wave goodbye and walk into the woods]

"MacGyver: Blow Out (#3.10)" (1987)
Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter: [having helped Mac to groggily climb out of a metal chemicals-storage cabinet which has just been blown across the room with him huddled inside of it] MacGyver!
MacGyver: [still a bit dazed] Interesting way to travel.
Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter: Your had me scared to death. Are you alright?
[flexes his congested-head-wearied facial muscles]
MacGyver: Yeah, I'm okay. Sure cleared the sinuses.

[last lines]
Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter: [after truck blows up safely] MacGyver, you could have been... What if that cement truck hadn't of been there?
MacGyver: I'd of gone to Plan B.
Pete Thornton: What was that?
MacGyver: I don't know. Plan A worked.
[Pete sneezes, having caught MacGyver's cold]
MacGyver: Sorry.

"MacGyver: The Widowmaker (#3.8)" (1987)
[last lines]
MacGyver: [getting ready to climb] Now, like I taught ya. By the numbers.
Nikki Carpenter: By the numbers.
[adjusts climbing ropes]
Nikki Carpenter: Alright, belay on.
MacGyver: Climbing
Nikki Carpenter: Climb on.

"MacGyver: Fire and Ice (#3.5)" (1987)
MacGyver: [Impressed that Nikki has just kicked a man, taken his gun and knocked him out] Where did you learn that?
Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter: [Looks at MacGyver and is annoyed] Sunday school.