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Quotes for
Jeremy Prokosch (Character)
from Contempt (1963)

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Contempt (1963)
Jerry Prokosch: Whenever I hear the word "culture," I bring out my checkbook.
[to his assistant]
Jerry Prokosch: Come here.
[he places his checkbook on his assistant's back and writes out a check]
Fritz Lang: Some years ago - some horrible years ago - the Nazis used to take out a pistol instead of a checkbook.

Jerry Prokosch: I like gods. I like them very much. I know exactly how they feel - exactly.
Fritz Lang: Jerry, don't forget. The gods have not created man. Man has created gods.

Jerry Prokosch: To know that one does not know, is the gift of a superior spirit. Not to know and to think that one does know, is a mistake. To know that this is a mistake, keeps one from making it. I have the knowledge here.

[after viewing film shot by Fritz Lang]
Jerry Prokosch: You've cheated me, Fritz. That's not what is in that script.
Fritz Lang: It is!
[he pulls the script away from Jerry, who is attempting to grab it out of his hand]
Fritz Lang: Oh, no!
Jerry Prokosch: Get the script, Francesca.
[he reads the script and then changes his tone]
Jerry Prokosch: Yes, it's in the script. But it's not what you have on that screen.
Fritz Lang: Naturally, because in the script it is written, and on the screen it's pictures. Motion picture, it's called.

Jerry Prokosch: [trying to impress the girl by speaking French] What do you think... me?
Camille Javal: Get in your Alfa, Romeo. We'll see about that!