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Mrs. Margaret Mondello (Character)
from "Leave It to Beaver" (1957)

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"Leave It to Beaver: Larry's Club (#3.22)" (1960)
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: Did you find out where Beaver was?
Larry Mondello: [Larry is tearing a rag into strips] Yeah, I'm pretty sure what he was doin', the rat.
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: Why Larry, he's your best friend. How could you say that?
Larry Mondello: 'Cause he is a rat. He's a triple-dirty rat, and eats rotten food.
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: [as Larry continues ripping the rag to pieces] Oh stop that Larry, you're making me nervous.
Larry Mondello: Yeah, just about everything I do makes you nervous.
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: Now Larry, what happened between you and Beaver?
Larry Mondello: Well, Harold and some of the other guys at school got up a club, and they were whisperin', and I heard Beaver was goin' over this morning and join. That's why the rat wasn't home.
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: [outraged] Well! Nobody's going to keep my little boy out of a club. I'll just call Harold's mother and insist that they let you join.
Larry Mondello: But gee, Mom, if you went and did that, how could I go make believe I didn't care about their smelly old club?
Mrs. Margaret Mondello: Now Larry, dear, you mustn't let this upset you. All those boys are going to be very sorry some day when you're head of a big company.
Larry Mondello: Sure they are, but in the meantime, what am I going to do on my weekends?