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Hajime Saito (Character)
from Shinsengumi!! Hijikata Toshizô saigo no ichi-nichi (2006) (TV)

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"Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai" (1996)
Hajime Saito: I'll kill you now.
Kenshin Himura: "I'll kill you now"? That's my line.

Hajime Saito: The Shinsen group is still the Shinsen group. A wolf is still a wolf. Nothing's change. And no matter what, a slasher will always be... a slasher. That's true, Batusai

Hajime Saitoh: A wolf will always be a wolf, the Shinsengumi will always be the Shinsengumi, and a manslayer will always be a manslayer, isn't that right, Battousai?

Hajime Saitoh: How's that old saying go? The one about sneezes? If sneezing three times means someone doesn't like me, I think I'll survive.

Hajime Saitoh: You train a dog with food. You can buy a person with money. But there isn't a man alive able to influence the Wolf of Mibu.

Hajime Saitoh: The mongrel dog who tucks its tail between its legs and runs away from battle without fighting should not bark!

When the Last Sword is Drawn (2002)
Hajime Saitô: Not much to look at, huh? I don't like beautiful women. Women called 'beautiful' disgust me. After all, none of us is more than a sack of shit.

Hajime Saitô: A fox thinks for himself - while a dog simply follows.