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Quotes for
Vince (Character)
from Sparkle (2007)

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Sparkle (2007)
Vince: They're not all they're cracked up to be - dads.
Sam: Yeah, but Vince, you know, you'd think you'd know who you slept with, if you're a woman.
Vince: I wouldn't know.
Sam: But if you're gonna have a kid...
Vince: Well, people are different. I didn't do a lot of it because, well, for various reasons, it wasn't on the cards for me.
Sam: Yeah, but it's just not nice to think that your mum's easy.
Vince: She's not "easy." There was a sexual revolution going on, and some people were at the forefront of that.

Kate: [crying while speaking of her ex-boyfriend] It was really lovely, and I was in love with him, and now it's all messy. He did something really bad. I mean, he... he said he's sorry, but... how do I trust him now?
Vince: I think you do it a little at a time.
Kate: But it's not that easy.
Vince: No. No, it's very difficult, but... the other way's even harder.