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Quotes for
Jonathan (Character)
from Watching the Detectives (2007)

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Watching the Detectives (2007)
Lucien: So what was the Bet?
Jonathan: If the bugs won, I could shove a burrito in your face.
Lucien: Well you know the last time you lost, I was supposed to get to piss on your foot, but I never did.
Jonathan: What you waiting for? You want to piss on my foot, be my guest.
Lucien: Hey Neil!
Neil: Yeah?
Lucien: Want to see me piss on his foot?
Neil: Uh, sure, yeah... Just not in the store.

Jonathan: Did she have any wild mood swings?
Neil: No, she was... she was, you know, she was pretty consistently out there.
Jonathan: Yeah alright then, she's not bi-polar.

Jonathan: Nobody comes out to see these local bands. These are shitty bands, man. Who wants to watch a bunch of high school metal heads with names like "Shittin' Bricks" and "Trojan Whores"?
Neil: "Trojan Whores"?
Jonathan: Yeah
Neil: I like that.