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Marcus (Character)
from "V" (2009)

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"V: Red Sky (#1.12)" (2010)
Marcus: You like to play games, Mr. Hobbes?

Marcus: This is terrible, to be sure, but...
[Anna calls up a tactical display at her holographic desk]
Marcus: ... we must not act rashly.
Anna: They must pay.
[Starts making holographic keystrokes until Marcus grabs her arm]
Marcus: This is too soon! If we initiate the sequence now...
[Anna, with an angry grunt, jerks her arm away and makes one last keystroke, causing the display to light up with thousands of bright red ship icons over a display of earth]
Marcus: Do you know what you've done?
Anna: Vengeance.

Anna: [Lets out a primal scream, then barely gets under control] What's happening to me?
Marcus: I believe you are experiencing your first human emotion.
[Anna screams again, louder. Behind them both, Lisa looks on - and smirks]

"V: Mother's Day (#2.10)" (2011)
Marcus: Attempting to bliss Humanity will surely kill you.
Anna: Then I will die, but not before I fulfill my promise to my subjects and show them that Humanity cannot... nor *will* not... ever defeat us.