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Biography for
Anna (Character)
from "V" (2009)

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Anna, the 'Supreme Commander' and 'Queen' of the visitors, is by far the most dominant character on the series. When the tall, sensual, beautiful and imperious Anna is on screen, our eyes are always drawn to her and all other characters in the same shot just seem to fade to insignificance. Therefore, she is absolutely indispensible. Meanwhile, her foes continue to meet their demise. Although one can never tell with a sci-fi series, Tyler Evans and Ryan Nichols were killed off in the season finale. Anna's presence is so dominant that her awesome power to put any visitor or human under her bliss, which is a kind of enchantment that renders an individual completely subserviant to her, actually can be felt by the viewing audience. Anna is to be found most often strutting gracefully across the floor of her mighty spaceship in her black high heels and black/gray dresses with a regal bearing, but what is she really like? The answer is that she is a very complex woman and not a typical two dimenional villain. Although Anna insists that she has not been tainted by human emotions, her own mother believes that at times she can be held in their grip. Indeed, in the season finale when Anna had her daughter, Lisa, imprisoned, Lisa asked why she was not being put to death. Anna answered with her dark eyes flashing, "To experience the human emotion known as vengeance." Also, when Anna suffers a setback at the hands of the 5th column, she seethes with quiet rage and almost hisses when she vows to destroy her enemies. At times Anna is tender, loving and sweet. This is very apparent when she is with Ryan Nichols daughter and unless I'm much mistaken, she sincerely loves this young girl. Anna values loyalty and showers her followers with gratitude when they come through for her. Traitors are usually vanquished on the spot, however, the fact that Anna let her 2nd in command 'live' after he offered her his life in the series finale after admitting to his treachery, only points out again how complex and unpredictable Anna can be. The show's greatest weakness is that it is too similar in plot to the first 'V' series. but...Anna makes the difference and as long as the series lasts, I'll be tuning in and I wouldn't mind at all if Anna annihilates her enemies in the spectacular climax.

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