Andy Dwyer
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Biography for
Andy Dwyer (Character)
from "Parks and Recreation" (2009)

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Andy Dwyer was Ann's boyfriend at the beginning of the series and, despite their eventual breakup, spends a good amount of time at City Hall after taking a job as the resident shoe shiner in the building. Andy is a happy-spirited, positive and very gullible guy who wants to help people. He is the lead singer and plays guitar in the band Mouse Rat, which changes its name often because he can't ever settle on something that sounds good. Andy was instrumental in the beginning of the series as it was his fall into the the pit -- which broke both of his legs -- behind his then-girlfriend Ann Perkins' house that led to Ann going to City Hall and meeting Leslie Knope and the rest of the Parks and Recreation department.

Andy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but wants to make something of himself. He has a fascination with law enforcement and fancies himself a cop -- once even taking a part-time job as the security guard at City Hall. He has also developed an alter-ego as an FBI agent agent named Burt Macklin, who is "on the case" whenever something needs to be sleuthed -- such as tracking down a teenage statue vandal named Greg Pikitis and interrogating him.

Andy doesn't have much money, struggling to hold things together and initially living in his friend's house and paying little rent. He doesn't have any normal and necessary household goods, washing his clothes with bubble bath and eating food off of frisbees, until Ben Wyatt takes him under his wing and tries to show him how to live as an adult.

Andy has a love of spontaneity, not seeing any reason to hesitate to do something that could make someone happy. He sees himself as an eternal optimist and the two lines he's included in every song he's ever written as "spread your wings and fly" and "you deserve to be a champion."