Black Widow
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Black Widow (Character)
from "Batman" (1966)

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"Batman: Black Widow Strikes Again (#2.55)" (1967)
Black Widow: Dear Heart, you may be caped, and you may be dynamic, but to me you are a crashing bore!

Black Widow: Trap Door, what are you doing out of your trap door?
Trap Door: I got lonely.

Black Widow: Happiness can't buy money.

Batman: So, Latrodectus mactans, commonly known as Black Widow - caught in your own web, eh?
Black Widow: There is nothing common about me, Dynamic Doll.

"Batman: Caught in the Spider's Den (#2.56)" (1967)
Black Widow: Well, Bat-doll, thought you'd like some, eh, champagne, huh?
Batman: I never touch spirits. Have you some milk?
Black Widow: Milk?
[struggles to identify his request for a moment]
Black Widow: Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes.