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Wayne Cramp (Character)
from "The Cramp Twins" (2001)

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"The Cramp Twins: Twin Studies/Birthday Blues (#1.11)" (????)
Wayne: I hate the future! I don't wanna invest in it!

The Fight for the Fox Box (2003) (TV)
Shredder: [on the briefing screens where the antagonists videoconference] The Turtles may have the code, but we have The Turtles! There should not be any more problems.
Dr. Eggman: I believe Sonic may have discovered my code, too.
The Voice: I hope the rest of you had better luck!
Dr. K: Not exactly. Cubix sort of got my code.
Dialbolic: Kid Muscle may have lucked out and gotten the code, but I wouldn't say this is the final call.
King Dedede: Don't blame me! It's Escargoon's fault! He was in charge of hidin' my part of the code.
Escargoon: What's the big deal? The code's still in five different pieces, right? Nobody'll ever put 'em together!
The Voice: You fool! Donatello set up a website called! If anyone saw all the parts of the code, they could enter it there and restore the network!
[the Voice's visualization fades away as the voice itself changes to reveal the speaker as Wayne Cramp. His voice is no longer distorted]
Wayne Cramp: And that would make me mad at you! And you don't wanna make me mad, 'cuz when I get mad, that's when I get even!
Dorothy Cramp: [knocking on his bedroom door] Wayne Cramp! What are you doing?
Wayne Cramp: Uh, nothing Mother! Just plotting to destroy the Fox Box! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Dorothy Cramp: If you see your brother, send him down. And don't you be late!
Wayne Cramp: I'll be there for sure!
[to himself]
Wayne Cramp: Just tying up some loose ends...
Lucien Cramp: [with his back tied to a skateboard] I won't let you get away with this!
Wayne Cramp: The only one getting away is you!
Lucien Cramp: [he starts sliding headfirst down the stairs] Aaah!
Wayne Cramp: Ha ha ha ha! Bye, girl-pants! Ha ha ha ha ha!
[in his altered "Voice" voice]
Wayne Cramp: The Fox Box is mine! Aah ha ha ha ha ha!

"The Cramp Twins: Walk Like a Man/Bouncy Bob (#1.1)" (2003)
Wayne: I don't want a suit!
Wendy Winkle: No, Wayne, it's simple. A man gets a suit, a suit gets him a job, a job makes money. So a man can have all the candy he wants.