Emma Coolidge
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Emma Coolidge (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Tabula Rasa' (#4.6)" (2009/II)
Hiro Nakamura: Oh - go away! I have no more blood left! No more blood!
Emma Coolidge: Blood? Uh... I'm sorry, I... I read lips, but yours move differently.
Hiro Nakamura: Oh, sorry. Japanese accent.

Hiro Nakamura: Manifesting a power is a wondrous time. A hero never refuses the call.
Emma Coolidge: I'm deaf. I can't hear the call.

Emma Coolidge: How can you be so focused helping others, knowing what it might cost?
Hiro Nakamura: I had a friend once. She knew she was dying, but that didn't push her off her path. She told me to keep joy and dignity alive, even in the face of death.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness' (#4.5)" (2009/II)
Dr. Coolidge: I think this whole filing girl act is finally getting to you.
Emma Coolidge: [signing] Do you follow up like this with all your patients?
Dr. Coolidge: Only the ones who happen to be my daughter.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Shadowboxing' (#4.9)" (2009/II)
Emma Coolidge: [referring to her nephew] I couldn't save him.
Peter Petrelli: [referring to Megan] But you saved her.
Emma Coolidge: You saved me. Thank you.