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Quotes for
Thelma Todd (Character)
from Sunset (1988)

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Beauty and the Bus (1933)
Thelma: [Patsy slips on a roller skate and falls on her bottom] What, again? And you promised me you'd be careful.
Patsy: I broke my promise.

Patsy: Did I ever cause you any trouble? I'm your palsy-walsy, toots!
Thelma: Yeah? Beginning when?

Patsy: That's the Todd spirit!
Thelma: You keep your eyes open for a man on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Officer Baker: Where's the fire?
Thelma: In your eyes, you great, big, gorgeous policeman.
Motorcycle Officer Baker: That ain't going to get you anywhere with me, lady. What's the idea of doin' 50 miles an hour down this boulevard?
Thelma: 50 miles? Why we weren't even going 40, not even 30! Why we couldn't...
Motorcycle Officer Baker: Wait a minute! You'll be backing over somebody. I'm gonna give you a ticket.
Patsy: We don't want to go to any policeman's ball.

Thelma: You see, officer, it's like this, eh, we just won the car. Isn't it ducky? And, eh, we were just trying it out. And, eh, well, eh, we're just regular fellows and you look like a regular guy and, well, how's about it?
Motorcycle Officer Baker: Ha-ha. Well, I'll sort of pass it up, this time. But, eh, don't do it again, will ya?
Thelma: Okay, hand-some.

Motorist: [Thelma's car hits another car at an intersection] Lady, I'm awfully sorry, but if I'm not too insipid, you practically demolished my cavoletti.
Thelma: Eh, I beg your pardon?
Motorist: You smacked the devil out of my can.
Thelma: Oh, I think you must be mistaken. We barely touched.

The Bargain of the Century (1933)
Officer Butterworth: Say, is that palooka trying to flirt with me?
Thelma Todd: Why, I beg your pardon, Officer. Hmm! Do you happen to know who this palooka is?

Officer Butterworth: Well, well, well, well. Miss Finnegan, your Pappy and I are just as thick as that.
[Clasping his hands together]
Thelma Todd: Ha-ha-ha. I bet you're the thickest of the two!

Lieutenant Finnegan: Whoever told you that palooka was my daughter?
Thelma Todd: What palooka?

Thelma Todd: Well, I wonder what our friend Butterworth has in store for us this evening, the roughneck!

Thelma Todd: Let me at 'em, Zasu, let me at 'em!

Sealskins (1932)
Thelma Todd: Well, what are you doing down here?
Zasu Pitts: Thought it might rain, so, I brought your rubbers.

Zasu Pitts: Well, Thelma, I guess we can go home now. Nothing more we can do.
Thelma Todd: No, I guess there ain't anything else that can happen.
[In walks a gorilla]

Thelma Todd: But, we're still pals, aren't we, Pittsy?
Zasu Pitts: Ah, sure!
Thelma Todd: Then, shake.

Female Reporter: Say, is the first edition out yet?
Thelma Todd: Lamp it back there.
[Reporter picks up the newspaper]
Female Reporter: Oh, baby! Right, smack dab on the front page again! Look! There's my story. That's the third time I've crashed the front page this week! When you can write stuff like that, you won't be playing "Home, Sweet Home" on your typewriter. Give that the double-O, dearie!
[Reporter exits]
Zasu Pitts: My, she likes you a whole lot, don't she?

Zasu Pitts: Oh, will you stop your moaning and look at the bright side of things!
Zasu Pitts: Yeah, on a night like this?
Thelma Todd: Come on!
Thelma Todd: Oh, goodbye world!

Dollar Dizzy (1930)
Hotel Manager: What are you doing up here alone?
Thelma Todd: Oh, I'm tired of cities. I'm especially tired of being followed around by a lot of fortune hunters who want to marry me just for my money!
Hotel Manager: I understand.
Thelma Todd: So, I'm here for a nice, quiet rest and I don't want to be annoyed by any men!
Hotel Manager: Don't worry. We'll see to that, all right.

Charley Chase, Thelma Todd: Oh, it's you!

Thelma Todd: Well, I don't care what you're going to do; but, you're not going to prevent me from taking my beauty nap.
Charley Chase: Well, you need it!
Thelma Todd: Oh!

Thelma Todd: [On the phone to the Hotel Detective's Office] This is Miss Todd in Suite 206. I came up here to get away from fortune hunters and one must of have known of my plans; because, he's been up in my room for the past hour annoying me! Now, I know what he's up to. He's trying to compromise me so he can marry me for my money!

Asleep in the Feet (1933)
Thelma: What a day. What a day. What a day.
Zasu: Oh, I'm so tired I'm nearly dead.
Thelma: Yeah? Well I pushed up my eighth daisy two hours ago.

Thelma: And did I have a customer today that was a scream. After I finally found a girdle for her in the harness department, she says, "My dear young lady, I should like to see some teddies.

Thelma: Miss Brown, next door, is going to get thrown out unless she's got twenty dollars. And we want to borrow it until payday.
Female neighbor: Where would a taxi dancer get twenty bucks in one sum? Thanks for the compliment, dearie.

Sailor: [On the dance floor] Well, congratulations, baby. You're in tow for a long cruise with the Navy's greatest hoofer.
Thelma: Ha-ha. Aren't you nautical.
Sailor: Yeah, nautical, but nice. You get it!

The Pajama Party (1931)
Thelma: Gee, ain't this swell!
Zasu: Yeah, let's get outta here.
Thelma: Ha-ha. I should say not!
Zasu: Oh, but I don't feel comfortable.

Thelma: Say, what is coming off around here?
Zasu: Well, that's what I'd like to know! She's been chasing me all over the house trying to take things off of me!
Thelma: Oh, Zasu, don't be silly. She's your French maid! She's here to help you get undressed.
Zasu: Well, doesn't one have any privacy around here!
Thelma: Oh, hurry up and get those things off. You're going to be late for tea.
Zasu: Well, I always took my own clothes off in Joplin. I don't need any help around here.

Party Guest: Oh, Miss Todd, would you care to see the Japanese pagoda?
Thelma: Ha-ha. Why, I certainly would!
Party Guest: Well, come with me!

On the Loose (1931)
Thelma Todd: Well, that's one more - and the last one!
Zasu Pitts: The last what?
Thelma Todd: My last trip to - Coney Island!
Zasu Pitts: I should hope so. I could smell hot dogs for a week after I come away from that place. Well, it appears that our boyfriends never heard of any other place except for Coney.
Thelma Todd: What do we go there for anyway? You can get the same affect by staying at home and hitting ourselves on the head with a hammer.

Thelma Todd: Chute-the-Chute and slide the slide. I'm tattooed with splinters from the back of my neck to the tip of my heels.
Zasu Pitts: Me too. I've got more scars than a bullfighter.

Pierre, the Dressmaker: You're next my dear. Perfectly heavenly.
Thelma Todd: Thirty-six is the size.
Pierre, the Dressmaker: Yes, of course! Oh, I have just the thing! This is positively gorgeous! I know that you'll positively love it!

Show Business (1932)
Thelma: Why don't you go away and stop annoying us!
Anita Garvin: My candy! My negligee!
Zasu: I think she's daffy. Everything we have, she thinks belongs to her.

Thelma: Oh! A negligee for me! Isn't that marvelous!

Thelma: We're Pitts & Todd.
Showgirl on Train: [Sarcastically] Not *the* Pitts & Todd?
Zasu: Yes, that's us.

Top Flat (1935)
Thelma Todd: Wouldn't you be surprised if I sold my poems?
Patsy Kelly: Wouldn't YOU be surprised!

Thelma Todd: [on the phone impersonating a French maid] Oui, oui, monsieur, oui oui!
Patsy Kelly: Oui, oui? What's the idea of the French?
Thelma Todd: Well, uh... it's a French phone!

The Pip from Pittsburg (1931)
Thelma: Well, I do hope Mr. Chase likes this lunch I prepared for him.
Dot: Oh, he will. He's keen!

Thelma: Oh, Mr. Chase, have you ever been to Pittsburg?
Charley: Why, no, Miss Todd. As a matter of fact, I've never been out of the United States.

The Tin Man (1935)
Thelma Todd: There's strange goings on, going on here.

The Old Bull (1932)
Thelma: Oh, it's that silly duck again!

Whispering Whoopee (1930)
Charley: Well, eh, could we play some sort of a game, or something?
Miss Todd: Oh, yeah, yeah. We could play Post Office.
Charley: Post Office?
Miss Todd: Oh, Post Office is a swell game! You be Postmaster first. Come on, I'll show you.
Charley: Thanks. Now, wait a minute, just what'll we do?
Miss Todd: Well, I go out in the hall and you stay here and I say I have some mail for one of the men and you send them out to me and I do the rest.