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Quotes for
Becca Fisher (Character)
from "Flash Forward" (1996)

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"Flash Forward: Cool Book (#1.4)" (1996)
Becca Fisher: You guys are jerks. But in a couple of years, I won't be a stick-girl, and you'll still be jerks.

"Flash Forward: On Your Toes (#1.5)" (1997)
Becca Fisher: Sometimes you make a split-second decision. Instead of asking yourself why, you just ask, why not? Of course, the last time I said "why not," I stuck my tongue in the fan. Not recommended.

"Flash Forward: I'm OK, You're a Jerk (#1.2)" (1997)
Becca Fisher: Well, so boys wrestle more. That doesn't make you unusual.
Christine Harrison: It does to everybody else.
Becca Fisher: Would you *forget* everybody else?

"Flash Forward: House Party (#1.3)" (1996)
Tucker James: You heard what your mom said. No parties at *your* house.
Becca Fisher: Which means...
Tucker James: We'll have a party at *my* house!