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Regina (Character)
from Hideaway (1995)

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Hideaway (1995)
Vassago: I've seen you.
Regina: No, I don't think so.
Vassago: Oh yes, I have seen you. It was like a flash forward in time. You're beautiful. Perfect.

Vassago: My name's Vassago.
Regina: That's different.
Vassago: Different.
Regina: I'm Regina.
Vassago: I know.
Regina: You know?
Vassago: I know
Vassago: Yes, Regina.
Vassago: Well Regina you don't look like you belong here.
Regina: Yeah?
Vassago: Yeah.
Regina: Well, uh, maybe you're right.
Vassago: No, not maybe, I am right.
Vassago: I'm so right, that I know where you do belong.
Vassago: Let me take you somewhere.
Vassago: Make you feel, make us both feel, something...
Linda, Regina's Friend: We're waiting for some people.
Vassago: Why don't you let Regina make her own decisions?
Linda, Regina's Friend: Why don't you piss off.
Linda, Regina's Friend: Yeah...
Linda, Regina's Friend: Bye.
Vassago: I'll see you again.
Regina: You know what's the deal you said he was cute?
Linda, Regina's Friend: He's a creep. God, Regina get some sense.
Linda, Regina's Friend: Let's get out of here, let's go.