Mr. Kreeg
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Mr. Kreeg (Character)
from Trick 'r Treat (2007)

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Trick 'r Treat (2007)
Mr. Kreeg: You gotta be fucking kidding me.

[Steven tries to bury Charlie in the backyard when the neighbor dog Spike barks at him through the fence]
Mr. Kreeg: Spike! Spike! Get your ass in here. Are you finished crapping or what?
[Steven hides in the hole when Charlie kicks and grunts]
Mr. Kreeg: Who the hell is that?
[Steven kicks Charlie to shut up]
Steven: I've got an NRA membership in my pocket and a shotgun over the fireplace, so get outta here before I...
Mr. Kreeg: It's me, Mr. Kreeg. Steven, Steven Wilkins.
Steven: What in God's name are you doing down there, Wilkins? Hiding Bodies?
[Steven kicks Charlie again as he grunts from the bag]
Mr. Kreeg: What did you say?
Steven: Nothing, its... Uh, septic tank is acting up.
Mr. Kreeg: Is that what that smell is?
Steven: I'm afraid so.
Mr. Kreeg: Then fix it. It stinks like a dead whore out here.
Steven: I'm...
[kicks Charlie]
Steven: ...Trying.
[kicks Charlie again]
Mr. Kreeg: And keep your kid out of my yard. Goddamn freak.
[Mr. Kreeg heads back to his house]
Steven: Happy Halloween.
Mr. Kreeg: Screw you!
[Mr. Kreeg slams his back door]