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Millie Dillmount (Character)
from Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

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Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
Millie Dillmount: Terrif! Ooh, delish!

Millie Dillmount: I'm going to be a stenog. Tomorrow I start interviewing bosses.
Miss Dorothy Brown: I thought it was the other way around, bosses interviewing you?
Millie Dillmount: Oh, I can typewrite forty words a minute. I'm in demand. Besides, I'm going to marry an eligible bachelor. You see, I'm going to marry my boss... whoever he may be.
Miss Dorothy Brown: You're a modern!
Millie Dillmount: Thoroughly!

[Millie is trying to seduce her boss Trevor Graydon, who has nicknamed her John]
Millie Dillmount: Do you have a mo?
Trevor Graydon: A what?
Millie Dillmount: A moment. I would just love to get a man's opinion of Rudolph Valentino.
Trevor Graydon: Huh?
Millie Dillmount: I mean, in The Sheik, he takes Agnes Ayres by brute force, and she enjoys it. She enjoys it... a lot. What is your opinion of brute force, Mr. Graydon?
Trevor Graydon: Well, I'm not for it. No, I'm not for it at all. No, that is not what women really want today. The late war has upset them. Now they are disillusioned. They yearn for truth. Give them a young man they can trust. Tom Sawyer, at twenty.
Millie Dillmount: I never read Tom Sawyer. Was he... sexy?
Trevor Graydon: He was only twelve!
Millie Dillmount: [seductively] So? If ya got it, ya got it.
Trevor Graydon: [shocked] Why John!

Miss Flannery: Forget the boy, Dillmount, get yourself a canary!
Millie Dillmount: [to herself] Forget the boy, Dillmount, get yourself a man!

Millie Dillmount: Cut your hair! Let them see how truly abandoned you are!
Miss Dorothy Brown: Cut my hair? But I don't understand. Millie, I don't think...
Millie Dillmount: People can't find the real you under those curls!

Millie Dillmount: [talking to Miss Dorothy about the Friendship dance] Watch out for the Macy's stock boys... they pinch!

[Millie watches Mrs. Meers slap the two Chinese laundry men]
Millie Dillmount: [thinking to herself] Mrs. Meers certainly insists on a snowy wash!

Millie Dillmount: Like a squirrel, storing the nuts of life.

Muzzy Van Hossmere: [seeing Millie in tears] Oh! Moderns don't cry.
Millie Dillmount: No. No, of course not.
Muzzy Van Hossmere: Now Millie, I must apologize for my guest. Judith is a rude and spoiled young lady. You must not let her upset you.
Millie Dillmount: Oh Muzzy, I'm so mixed up, so confused. It's not only Miss Tremaine, though she did read me right. I am a working girl, and a boob.
Muzzy Van Hossmere: Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with being a working girl. I was a working girl myself in the chorus, but I wasn't a boob.
Millie Dillmount: No, you married well, and that's exactly my plan, and I've got to stick to it.
Muzzy Van Hossmere: Jimmy told me your plans, Millie, to marry your boss.
[Millie nods yes]
Muzzy Van Hossmere: Love has nothing to do with it?
Millie Dillmount: Yes, Ma'am, I'm a modern.
Muzzy Van Hossmere: You're a boob.

Millie Dillmount: Let me get you some more coffee, Mr. Graydon.
[Millie picks up his coffee cup, looks at it, then smells its contents]
Millie Dillmount: [excitedly] Strong spirits!
Trevor Graydon: Not strong enough!

Millie Dillmount: I like you.
Jimmy Smith: And I like you, by jingo.

James Van Hossmere: What do you want for a wedding present, Mrs. Van Hossmere?
Millie Van Hossmere: A checkbook, by jingo. Rich people can nickel and dime you to death.

Millie Dillmount, Miss Dorothy Brown: [running up to take their bow] Echo, echo!
Millie Dillmount, Miss Dorothy Brown: [about ready to do their jump] Andiamo, andiamo! Allez oop!

[while making out in a car, Millie stops to explain her plans as Jimmy nuzzles her neck]
Millie Dillmount: I'm your equal. I'm going to meet you men on your own terms, cater to your craving for efficiency, learn to talk sports, tell jokes, smoke, drink, and yes, if I have to, I'll even kiss you back!

Jimmy Smith: Does he have a pet name for you?
Millie Dillmount: Yes! John!
Jimmy Smith: John?
Millie Dillmount: John.
Jimmy Smith: John, that's not very romantic.
Millie Dillmount: No, but it's modern.

Miss Dorothy Brown: Oh, I do hope he won't be an addict. I mean with all that dope.
Millie Dillmount: It didn't hurt Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

Millie Dillmount: So you're not in paper clips?
Miss Dorothy Brown: Well, that's not far from the truth, Millie. The fortune was founded in steel.
Millie Dillmount: [nodding] Oh. I don't understand.

Miss Dorothy Brown: [talking about the dance, as she's moving in] Would you introduce me to the gang?
Millie Dillmount: Well, they're a pretty high-spirited bunch.
Miss Dorothy Brown: White poor people usually are.