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Etta Candy (Character)
from Wonder Woman (2009) (V)

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"Wonder Woman: Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman (#1.3)" (1976)
Etta Candy: Oh, what a shame Diana had an appointment to give blood. She's really going to be sorry she missed this.
Major Steve Trevor: Oh, you're right, Etta. But don't worry, some day I'll arrange to introduce her to Wonder Woman personally.

Etta Candy: What's wrong?
Major Steve Trevor: Ah, we've lost 'em. We're nearly out of gas and I don't have any gas coupons.

Major Steve Trevor: I'll take my first furlow behind enemy lines.
Etta Candy: That doesn't sound very restful to me.

"Wonder Woman: The Bushwhackers (#1.13)" (1977)
Etta Candy: My father said that one good steak is more morale boosting than two Betty Grable movies!

General Phil Blankenship: Etta, I have some priority dictation to get out.
Etta Candy: Yes sir.
[to Steve]
Etta Candy: If you should happen to run across any tall, rich, eligitable Texan...
Major Steve Trevor: I promise to give them your name, rank and... private phone number.
[waves his fingers like Groucho Marx fingering his cigar]

"Wonder Woman: Formula 407 (#1.12)" (1977)
Etta Candy: Oh do you have any idea how much I envy you? You and Steve, alone, under an incredibly huge South American moon.
Diana Prince: Etta, that's scientifically impossible. The moon is the same size in the Northern and the Southern hemispheres.

Etta Candy: Oh Diana, the postcard made it sound so exciting. And a handsome, romantic South American and all that moonlight and walks in the...
Major Steve Trevor: [interrupting as he enters the room] And don't forget a half a dozen Nazis and a squad of enemy frogmen.

"Wonder Woman: Judgment from Outer Space: Part 1 (#1.10)" (1977)
Steve Trevor: My assignment is a logical military alternative and a patriotic necessity.
Diana Prince: To quote Dr. Samuel Johnson: Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.
[Etta gets a wide-eyed look of shock]
Steve Trevor: Yeoman Prince!
Diana Prince: [angrily] Yes sir!
Steve Trevor: Dismissed!
Diana Prince: Aye aye, sir!
[angrily leaves]
Steve Trevor: Etta!
[Etta jumps and looks at Steve scared]
Steve Trevor: This is confidential.
Etta Candy: Oh, yes sir! Absolutely!
[Etta leaves the office desperately]

Paul Bjornsen: You're right, Etta, and I'm sorry, I, I know you can't talk about top secret information.
Etta Candy: You're right. Everything's always so hush-hush. But I do know one thing I can tell you...
Paul Bjornsen: Oh, what's that?
Etta Candy: My phonenumber.

"Wonder Woman: Last of the $2 Bills (#1.9)" (1977)
Diana Prince: I've got the strangest feeling...
Etta Candy: What?
Diana Prince: I've seen that photographer before.
Etta Candy: The only feelings I have are hunger pains.

"Wonder Woman: Beauty on Parade (#1.4)" (1976)
Etta Candy: I still don't understand what happened to Diana, Steve. She was supposed to be in the beauty contest.
Major Steve Trevor: Well, it's simple, Etta. When she found she'd have to share the stage with Wonder Woman, poor kid probably threw in the sponge. Ah, but what woman wouldn't? Wonder Woman is just too much.

"Wonder Woman: The Feminum Mystique: Part 1 (#1.5)" (1976)
Etta Candy: I, eh... don't suppose you could make it for four?
Diana Prince: Oh, Etta, I wish I could but you heard Steve. He has important business to discuss with Peter Knight.
Etta Candy: Business or social, I never get to go out to dinner.
Diana Prince: Well I'll make you a promise: I'll take you out to dinner sometime.
Etta Candy: It's not the same Diana, I mean, you're not a man.
Diana Prince: I've always been very happy about that.