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Quotes for
Simon (Character)
from The Prophecy (1995)

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The Prophecy (1995)
Simon: Oh, Gabriel. When was it that you lost your grace?

Simon: Do you believe that you are a part of God's plan?
Thomas Daggett: That's a complicated question.
Simon: No it isn't.

[first lines]
Simon: I remember the First War, the way the sky burned, the faces of angels destroyed. I saw a third of Heaven's legion banished and the creation of Hell. I stood with my brothers and watched Lucifer Fall. But now my brothers are not brothers, and we have come here where we are mortal to steal the Dark Soul, not yet Lucifer's, to serve our cause. I have always obeyed, but I never thought the War would happen again.

Simon: I'm so tired of this war.
Gabriel: Reject the lie Simon. Join us! Help us make it like it was before the monkeys. You remember? We cast out Lucifer's army, you and I. We threw their rebel thrones from the wall.
Simon: They wanted to be gods.
Gabriel: I don't wanna be a god Simon. I just wanna make it like it was, before the lie. When he loved us best.

The Prophecy: Uprising (2005) (V)
Simon: Love the apron, Belial
Clara: [as Belial] Do you like it? You should grab yourself a body, Simon. They're to die for, really. You eat, you fuck, you kill, and then you go home and write poems all about it.

Life of Brian (1979)
Pontius Pilate: [Pilate is going to release a prisoner to the crowd] People of Jewusalum,
[Everybody laughs at his speech impairment]
Pontius Pilate: Wome... is your fwiend!
[They laugh more]
Pontius Pilate: To pwove our fwiendship, we will welease one of our wong-doers! Who shall I welease?
Man in crowd: Welease Woger!
[Everybody laughs, and begin to chant, "Welease Woger"]
Pontius Pilate: Vewy well, I shall... Welease... Woger!
[Everybody laughs]
Centurion: Uh, we haven't got a "Woger", sir.
Pontius Pilate: Oh, okay. We have no "Woger'!
[They all laugh]
Man in crowd: Well what about "Wodewick" then?
[They laugh and chant "Welease Wodewick!"]
Pontius Pilate: Vewy well! I shall welease... Wodewick!
[the crowd laughs some more]
Centurion: Sir, there's no "Wodewick".
Pontius Pilate: Who is this "Wodewick" you speak of?
Man in crowd: He's a wobber!
[they laugh]
Man in crowd: And a wapist!
[more laughter]
Girl In Crowd: And a pick-pocket!
[Everybody shakes their heads at her and say no]
Pontius Pilate: He sounds a notowious cwiminal.