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Mombasa (Character)
from Predators (2010)

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Predators (2010)
Stans: Hey, where are we going?
Royce: Someone put us on this rock. There's got to be a way off it.
[Falconer's aerial device flies overhead]
Stans: [Stans instinctively pulls out his knife] What the fuck?
Stans: [Stans looks at his knife then looks at how everyone else has a gun] Hey. You know what? Fuck this. This is bullshit, man. I want a gun.
Stans: [to Cuchillo] Come on, man, you got two motherfucking guns, man. Somebody give me a gun.
Stans: [to Nikolai] Come on, Russian. You got a big fucking gun.
Stans: [to Mombasa] Come on, man. Give me a gun.
[Stans puts his knife to Mombasa's throat]
Stans: Give me your gun. Right now. Give me your gun.
Mombasa: [Mombasa puts his sidearm to Stans' chin] I'm ready to die. Are you?

Mombasa: [to Stans] I will finish what you started.

[a Predator dog is attacking Stans]
Stans: Help!
[Stans starts stabbing the dog repeatedly]
Stans: Fuck you! Fuck you!
Mombasa: [Mombasa shoots the dog and its blood splashes all over Stans] Looking good there, boss.

[the group finds a monolith with a pile of skulls and bones at its base]
Stans: What the hell is that?
Isabelle: Who would do this?
Mombasa: Whoever they are, they take trophies. In my culture the warrior with the greatest trophies commands the most respect.
Stans: Whatever.
Nikolai: It's a test. To see how we do under pressure.
Isabelle: If this were a test, you'd all be military. Total strangers. Live rounds. This is something else.
Cuchillo: Maybe it's ransom. Back in Tijuana, we kidnap you, put you in an oil drum. The ransom's not paid, we light you on fire.
Stans: I hear these stories about these experiments they run on cons. They stick drugs in your food and they sit back and watch what happens.
Edwin: Well, it's not drugs. If it was a psychotropic compound, we'd be feeling residual side effects. Loss of motor skills, blurry vision. And if it was a behavioral experiment... I mean, there... There'd be a point.
Mombasa: What if we are dead?
Stans: I was going to be executed in two days.
Nikolai: And I was in combat.
Mombasa: So was I.
Cuchillo: This is hell.
Royce: Last time I looked, you didn't need a parachute to get there. But it doesn't matter what happened, or why. We're here. Only question is, how do we get out?

[after the group narrowly escapes a heavily booby-trapped area, they find a rotting corpse whose chest is blown out]
Mombasa: We triggered a dead man's trap.
Edwin: It's two weeks, judging from the rate of decomposition.
Nikolai: He took up a position here. Shooting in all directions. This was a last stand.
[Nikolai Checks the man's pocket and finds some documents]
Nikolai: United States Special Forces. This is strange. He is supposed to be deployed in Afghanistan.
Stans: What's he doing here, setting traps for us?
Royce: They weren't meant for us. He was hunting something else. Something a lot bigger.
Edwin: Bigger?
Royce: The trunk was a deadfall. Rule of thumb with a deadfall is you set the weight five times that of the target animal. Whatever it was, got through the trip wires. And did this.

[Stans and Mombasa are fighting. Then just as Stans goes to hit Mombasa with a log, he sees the rest of the group watching them]
Stans: You with him?
Isabelle: No.
[Mombasa shoves Stans off]
Stans: Then why don't you mind your own fucking business?
Isabelle: We have bigger problems right now.
Stans: Okay, "boss". Whatever you say.
Mombasa: [Grabs Stans] I will finish, what *you* started!
Stans: Strength in numbers huh?
Isabelle: Something like that.
Stans: Yeah, then maybe we should get that guy hanging in the tree?

[to Stans]
Mombasa: As bad as you are, those things are worse.

[they find Cuchillo's body in a trap]
Mombasa: Wound one man. Make him suffer. Make him bleed. Make him call out for help, and set a trap and kill those who come. I know because I have done this.
Stans: So we're gonna leave him here, right? Come on, look at him. He's done.There's nothing else we can do, right? Right?
Royce: We leave him.
Isabelle: I can't.
Royce: Then, that's on you.

[they all see the strung up Predator]
Stans: What the fuck is that thing?
Isabelle: This is a mistake. We have to leave. Now.
Edwin: [about Royce] Where's the tough guy?
Isabelle: He left us.
Mombasa: It's here.