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Bumblelion (Character)
from "Robot Chicken" (2005)

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"Wuzzles: Bumblelion and the Terrified Forest (#1.7)" (1985)
Bumblelion: Way to swashle 'em, Buck.

Bumblelion: Wouldn't you love to be a swashbuckler, Eleroo?
Eleroo: Me? I couldn't swash my way out of a belt buckle.

Buckswashler: So until next week this is Buckswashler saying, there's nothing to fear when a swashbuckler is near.
Bumblelion: Or a Bumbleswashler.
[runs out on the gymnastics bar and swings several times but lands in a siting position]
Buckswashler: Whoops. Better make that Stumbleswashler.

Bumblelion: Don't touch that line, Moosel!
Moosel: Why not? I just caught dinner.
Bumblelion: That Sharkosaurus will probably *want* you for dinner.
Moosel: SHARKOSAURUS? Ohhhh, noo!
Bumblelion: Lucky for you, Bumbleswashler is near!
[jumps in the water causing Moosel to hide his face]
Bumblelion: OK, reel me in!
Moosel: Big deal. That's a Minnowshark.
Bumblelion: Well, yeah, b-but he'll think twice before messing with me again.
[it makes to bite him, causing him to jerk back in fear; Moosel sighs]

Bumblelion: Look out! There's a horrible Dingbat behind ya!
Narrator: For those of you who think the only dingbats in this show are Bumblelion and Eleroo, allow me to explain that a Dingbat is part dingo dog, part bat, and ugly all over.

Hoppopotamus: Goin' somewhere?
Bumblelion: Yeah. Over to Butterbear's.
Hoppopotamus: Well, what's that little Wuzzle got that I don't?
Bumblelion: Pumpkinberry pie.

Bumblelion: Willy Wuzzles!

Bumblelion: Butterbear will be so grateful. She'll smother me with -
[Hoppo stops him]

Hoppopotamus: It's the new hip Hoppo. Don'cha think I look positively Wuzzerful?
Bumblelion: Ya sure do. Where's the costume party?

Hoppopotamus: [he rummages through Butterbear's closet] Bumblelion, what's gotten ito you?
Bumblelion: Saving Butterbear, that's what.

Bumblelion: What would Buckswashler do? The backstroke, butterfly, or freestyle? Wait. This is *Bumble*swashler. And I CAN'T SWIIIM!

Bumblelion: We thought the evil vampire witch had ya.
Butterbear: And who do ya think I am, the Tooth Fairy?

Bumblelion: Sheesh. Isn't anything easy around here?

Hoppopotamus: [not noticing the Gorantula come behind where she acts in the window] Bumblelion! Help! Save me!
Bumblelion: H-H- H- H- HOPPO!
Hoppopotamus: What's his trip? Hm. Maybe I'm too convincing.
[feeling the feeling tapping her]
Hoppopotamus: Bug off. This is my big moment... Look. One damsel in distress at a time. Take a number.

Bumblelion: What would Buckswashler do at a time like this? He'd go to a commercial, that's what.

Bumblelion: CAn't you whip up a potion to, shrink it?
Transylvia: Ooh, don't push me, shorty!

Hoppopotamus: You mean you picked me up in your arms and carried me to safety, just like Buckswashler did with Daintybelle?
Bumblelion: Well... something like that.

Bumblelion: All right then. I'll go to the castle. I'll wrestle that monster. I'll get those butterberries and make Wuz safe for Wuzlkind. But there's one thing I need you ladies to do...
Butterbear, Hoppopotamus, Transylvia: What?
Bumblelion: [whimper after another Gorantula roar] Talk me outta this.

Hoppopotamus: Surely you don't expect me to wade through that. I'll ruin my hooficure.
Bumblelion: OK. Then you wait here. I'll rescue Butterbelle - uh, Butterbear myself.
Hoppopotamus: Butterbelle? Over my dead potamus!

Bumblelion: The Terrified Forest needs a wicked vampire witch.
Transylvia: So? If you know one, give *her* the job.

Bumblelion: YAAA! Who's that hideous, disgustingly ugly person; luuch!
Transylvia: Oh. You wure know how to sweet-talk a lady.

Bumblelion: Let's watch the basebow game.

"Wuzzles: In the Money (#1.3)" (1985)
Bumblelion: Aren't these roller-skis a scream?
Eleroo: [tensely] You took the words right outta my mouth.

Eleroo: [Hoppo manages to catch her cake that slipped out of his hand when he vaulted into the air] Phew! That was close.
Bumblelion: Nah - a piece of cake.

Eleroo: The brakes! Where are the brakes, Bumblelion?
Bumblelion: [crashes into the Wuz Burger] That's the brakes.

Bumblelion: I've got the skinniest piggy-wallet in town.

Bumblelion: [of Rhinokey] He's funny and always has money.

Bumblelion: What's shaking?
Rhinokey: [Extends his hand as though to shake but gives him a fake hand] Not me.

Bumblelion: [the restaurant is out of not only dessert but food after Eleroo's order] Then I'll take the check, before he eats that.

Bumblelion: [gets sprayed with water when he rings Rhinokey's bell to pay back his loan] The things I put up with for a few bucks.
Eleroo: [seeing him knocking on a panel in the door and getting a horn blaring in his ear] I guess money never comes easy.

Bumblelion: [Sees the police car] Looks like someone's in trouble.
Narrator: And I bet it's Rhinokey. He's probably guilty of assault with a deadly punchline.

Bumblelion: Do you have to know everything?
Hopopotamus: Of course.

Bumblelion: And think of all the high-class upscale friends I'll meet.
Hopopotamus: And what am I - small change?
Bumblelion: Nothing small about *you*, Hoppo.

Bumblelion: When it comes to money some of us have it, and most of you, don't.
Hopopotamus: I think I'll let *him* have it!

Bumblelion: Well, now that my bank account's grown, so have my tastes.
Eleroo: Yeah, and so has your head.

Eleroo: The money *has* changed ya, Bumblelion.
Bumblelion: Naturally. But only for the better, Eleroo. Better clothes, better car...
Eleroo: *I'd* better go.

Bumblelion: I thought bein' rich was supposed to be fun. It's boring without your friends.

Bumblelion: They'll be back. All of them. I know it. I hope.

Bumblelion: Hi, Rhinokey.
Rhinokey: [disguised] How'd you know it was me?
Bumblelion: Who else'd be dressed like that?

Bumblelion: I've become really selfish, haven't I?
Moosel: Oh, I wouldn't say you were selfish, Bumblelion. I'd say... well... wonderful... terrific... sensitive... generous... Nope - selfish is the right word.

Bumblelion: But I sure learned there's one thing money can't buy.
Rhinokey: Yeah. A decent photo on a wanted poster.

Bumblelion: But why'd you get me these, after I treated you so badly?
Eleroo: Well, because we're your friends, whether you're rich or poor.
Rhinokey: Yeah. Besides, they were on sale.

"Wuzzles: What's Up, Stox? (#1.13)" (1985)
Eleroo: What costume are you gonna wear this time, Bumblelion?
Bumblelion: Eh, omethin' new. Somethin' original. Somethin' special.
Rhinokey: The same ghost costume again, huh?

Butterbear: Looking for costumes too?
Bumblelion: Yeah. Somethin' new. Somethin' original. Somethin' special.
Butterbear: The ghost costumes are right over there.

Bumblelion: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Rhinokey: Probably. My head's a blank.

Bumblelion: I have a new bowling bat I could trade for it.

Bumblelion: I'll throw in my soccer mitt!

Bumblelion: Basebowling ball... hockey puckmallet... golf clubracket...

Bumblelion: Butterbear grew it. And she could make cement grow.

Bumblelion: What's Crock doin' moving into a house on Easy Street?

Bumblelion: This is the niftiest kayakite I've ever seen!

Eleroo: OK, guys. Here're your costumes.
Bumblelion: I hope they're new. Original. Special.
Rhinokey: Not a *ghost* of a chance!

Bumblelion: WEll, Stox are up.

Rhinokey: I learned something too. You can lead a Snorse to water but ya can't get it to sit on a whoppee cushion.
Eleroo, Bumblelion, Butterbear, Hoppopotamus, Tycoon: Huh?
Rhinokey: I never was good at learning lessons.

"Wuzzles: Bulls of a Feather (#1.1)" (1985)
Eleroo: Don't let 'em bother ya, Bumblelion.
Bumblelion: I'm not lettin' 'em - they're doin' it on their own.

Eleroo: Flants have a strong instinct for sharing.
Bumblelion: We'll be lucky to get our *own* share.

Bumblelion: [of the Flants] They should at least bring their own lunch.

Hopopotamus: [the ceiling begins to buckle] What's going on here?
Bumblelion: [running] I'll fill you in later.

Bumblelion: It's Butterbear and Hoppo, with the baby Brahma-bullfinch.
Rhinokey: Yeah, followed by those loonies from the boonies.

Moosel: You better not get Bumblelion angry.
Bumblelion: Yeah! Why not?
Hopopotamus: Because you're the toughest Wuzzle on the island.
Bumblelion: On, yeah. I almost forgot.

Bumblelion: OK, back off, everybody. I'm takin' over. YOWWWWW -!
Moosel: Boy, some takeover.

Bumblelion: You leave that big bullbird to me.
Rhinokey: That's what I'm afraid of.

Bumblelion: Let me at that Crock. I'll tear 'im up!
Crock: [Enters] OK, bigmouth, now's your chance.

Bumblelion: You okay, Eleroo?
Eleroo: Oh yeah, sure. Except this funny feeling in my tummy.

"Wuzzles: Klutz on the Clutch (#1.6)" (1985)
Bumblelion: I've felt safer on a runaway merry-go-coaster!

Rhinokey: You said you wanted to get to Hoppo in a hurry.
Bumblelion: Yeah. But I'd like me and my tummy to get there at the same time.

Bumblelion: Why is it my nerves are a wreck, but his cab isn't?

Bumblelion: [he runs over at great speed before the car race] Wow! Moosel! Are you in training for the Wuzzle Rally?

Rhinokey: [laughing] Teach me to be a safe driver? That's a good one.
Eleroo: I knew he'd think it was a joke.
Bumblelion: Good luck, Butterbear.
Rhinokey: [laughs] Wait'll my passengers hear this!

Rhinokey: Oh, Bumblelion, if only I could tell you how sorry I am.
Bumblelion: You could start by helpin' me up!
Rhinokey: You know, it's funny, I can almost hear his little voice in my head.
Eleroo: You wanna hear somethin' funnier? I can hear 'im in your head too.

Bumblelion: [on the branch below the cliff] I hate to nag, but there's no elevator down here.

Hopopotamus: [he's reluctantly agreed to let her sing] Oh,, Bumblelion, thank you. You won't regret it.
[kisses him]
Bumblelion: I already do.

Bumblelion: Mario Antducky is off on an early lead, followed closely by Crock.

Bumblelion: Rhinokey by a nose - uh, horn.

"Wuzzles: The Main Course (#1.11)" (1985)
Bumblelion: I really need to stay and practice my basketbowing.

Bumblelion: We'll have to fight fire with fire.
Eleroo: [of a candle] How's this?

Hopopotamus: [of ammunition] All I have is my makeup bag.
Butterbear: And the food. With Moosel's liver-spinach sandwiches.
Bumblelion: What could be deadlier?

Bumblelion: There's only one thing to do.
Moosel: You're right. Fix the chugboat and head for home.
Bumblelion: No. Hoppo's gotta be rescued.
Rhinokey: But Bumblelion's right. And once we're home we'll call a rescue team to save her.

Rhinokey: I still say we call for that professional rescue team.
Bumblelion: Let's not give up yet. We'll find Hoppo.
Rhinokey: No, I meant for us.

Bumblelion: I-is th-that my h-heart pounding?
Eleroo: No. Bongo drums. And if we follow that, we'll find Hopppo.
Rhinokey: [a volcano errups] Follow *that* and we'll find Hoppo. Her stomach's growling.

Butterbear: Oh, Hoppo. I never told you what a good friend you were.
Bumblelion: Or what a good sport you were.
Eleroo: Or what a good actress you were.
Rhinokey: Or what a good dancer, considering how big you were.
Hopopotamus: [from behind] Another fat joke, huh?

Bumblelion: Well, since you're safe, let's head for home.
Hopopotamus: And give up the royal treatment? This Hoppopotamus isn't stupid.

Bumblelion: But, Hoppo, we need your help fixing Moosel's boat.
Rhinokey: Yeah, no one else can plug the hole.

"Wuzzles: Eleroo's Wishday (#1.8)" (1985)
Bumblelion: [getting off him] Sorry, Eleroo.
Eleroo: Aw, it's OK. I'm used to bein' on the ground.

Bumblelion: Well, well. It's the well.

Bumblelion: He won't bother us again.
Moosel: For at least twenty minutes.

Bumblelion: If those two wishse were mine, one would be for a unimotorcycle.

Bumblelion: [after the unimotorcycle in his daydream crashes] Hm. Maybe I should've wished for brakes too.

Bumblelion: Well, I'd like a new boatcar, and a trip to Hollywuz, and a pair of roller-skis, and a ton of honey, and...

Moosel: Is it a Whalebird?
Bumblelion: Is it a yachtjet?
Moosel: No, it's...
Moosel, Bumblelion: [he lands on them] OOH! It's Eleroo.

Rhinokey: What's the matter with you two? You look like an Eleroo just dropped out of the sky and landed on ya!
Bumblelion, Moosel: He did.

"Wuzzles: Moosel's Monster (#1.5)" (1985)
Bumblelion: There's nothing over there but a lot of buglewood trees.

Bumblelion: We're saved! Whoopee!
Eleroo: Excuse me, Bumblelion. But how are we gonna get all those logs over to the dam?
Bumblelion: Oh, yeah. An important detail.

Bumblelion: I'm searching my mind for a solution.
Rhinokey: This could be a long wait.

Bumblelion: How fast can you get there are back?
Rhinokey: I dunno. That's a long ride back into town.
[the dam begins leaking some more]
Rhinokey: ... I'm outta here...

Rhinokey: What's that awful noise, Bumblelion?
Bumblelion: The dam has sprung a leak.
Rhinokey: Oh, I thought it was somethin' serious. THE DAM HAS SPRUNG A LEAK? Woo, that's serious!

Bumblelion: I hope you're satisfied. Now you've got Rhinokey seeing monster.
Moosel: No, sir, not me. I haven't seen any real monsters. That's Rhinokey's problem now.

Moosel: Oh, relax, everybody. There's no monster. You're just gonna have to learn your imagimination.
Bumblelion: Where have I heard that before? Hey, Moosel, this monster is for real!
Moosel: He is? Are you really for real?
Eelosaur: Uh-huh.
Moosel: Really? Well, you're the nicest monster I ever imagined. I m...

"Wuzzles: Ghostrustlers (#1.9)" (1985)
Rhinokey: How do ya like my speedy new cab? It's thirty miles to a bale o'hay.
Bumblelion: No one can call ya Pokey Rinokey.

Butterbear: Crock's cronies.
Bumblelion: Yeah. Real ghosts look like that.
Bumblelion: Uh-oh...

Bumblelion: Last one to trap a ghost is a rotten eggplant.

Bumblelion: This is our home. And you're welcome to stay here, as long as you respect our peace and quiet.
Hopopotamus: Which means: PUT A LID ON THE HUMMING!

Moosel: [of the coach] Hoppo... sn stage...
Bumblelion: What? Is Hoppo auditioning for another play?

Bumblelion: Heigh ho, Swimmer, away!

"Wuzzles: Class Dismissed (#1.12)" (1985)
Moosel: Invitations to Mrs. Pedigree's party!
Butterbear: Sorry, but none of you are invited.
Bumblelion: But how come?
Hoppopotamus: Please, allow me, Butterbear... 'CAUSE YOU SLOBS AIN'T GOT NO CLASS!

Bumblelion: Every party has a pooper.

"Wuzzles: A Pest of a Pet (#1.10)" (1985)
Bumblelion: Moosel, will you quit mocking me?
Moosel: Oh. Sorry, Bumblelion.
Bumblelion: Wait - that's it! Moosel, what a great idea!
Moosel: Yeah, isn't it, though? What idea?

Hopopotamus: Did Mr. Goosebear agree to give me another audition?
Butterbear: Yes. He said, on one condition.
Hopopotamus: What was the condition?
Bumblelion: Something about the Wuzzle Desert freezing over?

"Wuzzles: Crock Around the Clock (#1.4)" (1985)
Bumblelion: That patient has worn my patience thin.

"Wuzzles: Hooray for Hollywuz (#1.2)" (1985)
Bumblelion: [reading Hoppo's postcard] "Dearest Bumblelion..."
[Eleroo and Rhinokey share a grin]