Harley Stone
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Harley Stone (Character)
from Split Second (1992)

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Split Second (1992)
Thrasher: Are you telling me there's something running around loose in the city, ripping out people's hearts and eating them so he can take their souls back to hell?
Dick Durkin: Looks that way.
Stone: Hallelujah.

Dick Durkin: I don't think this thing thinks it's Satan, I think this thing IS Satan.
Stone: Well Satan is in deep shit.

Dick Durkin: I saw a rat, so I shot it.
Stone: You shot my kitchen, that's what!
Dick Durkin: I missed the rat
Stone: [holding up the tail of a rat not attached to much else] You mean this one?
Dick Durkin: Cool!

Stone: [Walking up to a barking guard Rottweiler, he takes out his badge and shoves it in front of the dog] Police, dickhead.

Stone: The only thing we know for sure is that he's *not* a vegetarian.

Stone: Did you see him?
Dick Durkin: That wasnae a him, that was a fucking it!

Stone: [to Durkin while grabbing his necktie] Have you been following me?
Thrasher: Damn right he has! Paranoid people with guns are a menace to society!
Stone: [to Thrasher while pulling Durkin forward by his necktie] You'd be paranoid too if you had a dipshit like this following you!

female bartender: What'll you have?
Stone: Coffee.
female bartender: It's a two-drink minimum!
Stone: Then get me two coffees.

Thrasher: How many weapons are you carrying, besides this 'cannon'?
Stone: An MP15.
Thrasher: What else?
Stone: A Glock 50.
Thrasher: And?
Stone: An A3 Assault Shotgun.
Thrasher: If that's not paranoid, I don't know what the fuck is. I'm surprised you don't have a grenade launcher.
Stone: I couldn't get a permit.

Michelle: You look awful. When's that last time you got some sleep?
Stone: Three or four days ago.