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Quotes for
Brianna (Character)
from Holiday in the Sun (2001) (V)

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Holiday in the Sun (2001) (V)
[Brianna is searching for a cute guy at the club]
Boy #1: Hi.
Brianna: Bye.
Boy #2: Hey, what's up?
Brianna: Not my temperature.
Boy #3: Hey.
Brianna: Nothing, and er, keep moving.

[Upon seeing Jordan for the first time]
Brianna: Now he's what time it is.

[Introducing herself to Jordan]
Brianna: Umm, excuse me. My name's Brianna Wallace, as in the Wallace department store Wallace. Umm, what's your name?
Jordan: Jordan Landers, as in the Landers hardware store Landers.
Brianna: A sense of humour. Cute.
[to Alex]
Brianna: Sorry I don't believe I know you?
Alex: Yeah, we met. In the lobby. *Take* a number.