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Billie (Character)
from "Accidentally on Purpose" (2009)

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"Accidentally on Purpose: Pilot (#1.1)" (2009)
Abby: Didn't you use condoms?
Billie: I guess it turns out they're not 100% effective... unless you actually take them out of your purse.

Billie: I watch movies for a living, so to me, the three stages of womanhood are: Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle", Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail", and Meg Ryan in the grocery store, saying "No, really, I am Meg Ryan!"

Billie: This may sound a little nuts, but I'm thinking of going home with a guy who may be significantly younger than I am, and I need to know if the situation is despearate or empowering.
Olivia: Is he over eighteen?
Billie: Yup.
Olivia: Empowering!

Abby: What was it like?
Billie: Like eating candy.
Olivia: I love candy!
Abby: What kind of candy?
Billie: Young candy! I'm not kidding. He smelled like Skittles.

"Accidentally on Purpose: Face Off (#1.16)" (2010)
Zack: I think my instincts about people are way better than yours.
Billie: Why do you say that?
Zack: Well, you picked me, but I picked you.

"Accidentally on Purpose: The Love Guru (#1.5)" (2009)
Billie: Without the sex, dating's just letting people annoy you for no reason

"Accidentally on Purpose: The Date (#1.4)" (2009)
Davis: This is some excellent food, pregnant lady!
Billie: That's only because you're more baked than what you're eating...