Ouyang Feng
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Ouyang Feng (Character)
from Ashes of Time (1994)

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Ashes of Time (1994)
Ou-yang Feng: Before I took him to the villagers, I bought him a pair of shoes. It's because there's quite a difference in the fee paid to a shoeless swordsman and one with shoes.

Ou-yang Feng: The harder you try to forget something, the more it will stick in your memory. Once I heard someone say that if you have to lose something, the best way to keep it in your memory.

Blind Swordsman: My doctor said I will go completely blind when I reach 30.
Ou-yang Feng: So how old are you?
Blind Swordsman: Almost 30.

Ou-yang Feng: [smiling sarcastically at Hing Chi] Was it worth it to lose a finger for a basket of eggs?

Ou-yang Feng: [On Hung Chi and his wife leaving White Camel Mountain together] When I am seeing them off, my heart aches in jealousy. Once I had a chance to do the same. But somehow I passed it up.

Ou-yang Feng: [to Young Girl] You can sell yourself for a better price than a mule. You understand what I am saying?

Ou-yang Feng: [to a potential customer] For all these years, there must be some people who you don't want to mention or you don't want to meet again. Because they did something really awful to you. Maybe you want to kill them. But you dare not. In fact, it's really easy to kill a person. Not difficult at all. I have a friend who is great at solving problems. But he has been a little short lately. If you can give him some money, he must be able to solve your problems. Indeed you can think my proposal over. But be quick!

Ou-yang Feng: If you don't want to be turned down by people, the best way is to turn them down first.

Ou-yang Feng: People say, when you can't have what you want, the best you can do is not to forget.

Ou-yang Feng: The 15th day of the sixth lunar month. It was sunny and windy. The almanac says, "The Star of Judgement descends. Blood will flow. Do not travel far. Chant scriptures to prevent catastrophe."

Ou-yang Feng: Where are you going?
Hung Chi: Places I've never been. With luck, I'll be famous. If one day you hear of a nine-fingered hero, that'll be me.

Ou-yang Feng: I heard someone said, when you cannot have something, the only thing you can do is to not forget.