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Prophet of Truth (Character)
from Halo 2 (2004) (VG)

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Halo 2 (2004) (VG)
Prophet of Truth: There are those who said this day would never come. What have they to say now?

[first lines]
Arbiter: [standing before the heirarchs and the counsel] There was only one ship.
Prophet of Truth: One? Are you sure?
Arbiter: Yes. They called it the "Pillar of Autumn".
Prophet of Mercy: Why was it not destroyed with the rest of their fleet?
Arbiter: It fled as we set fire to their planet. I followed with all the ships in my command.
Prophet of Regret: When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its magesty?
Arbiter: Blinded?
Prophet of Regret: Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?
Arbiter: No!
Prophet of Regret: Yet the humans were able to evade your ships, land on the sacred ring, and descrate it with their filty footsteps!
Arbiter: Noble hierarchs, surely you understand that once the parasite attacked...
[crowd uproars]
Prophet of Mercy: There will be order in this counsel!
Prophet of Truth: [gestures the crowd to be silent] You were right to focus your attention on The Flood, but this Demon? This Master Chief?
Arbiter: By the time I learned of the Demon's intent, there was nothing I could do!
[crowd uproars again]
Prophet of Regret: [whispering] Prophet of Truth, this has gone on long enough! Make an example of this bungler! The Counsel demands it!
Prophet of Truth: [to the Arbiter] You are one of our most treasured instruments. Long have you lead your fleet with honor and distinction. But, your inability to safeguard Halo was a colossal failure.
Counselman: Nay! It was heresy!
[crowd uproars intensely]
Arbiter: I will continue my campaign against the humans!
Prophet of Truth: No, you will not.
[signals the Honor Guards to take him away]
Prophet of Truth: The Great Journey is about to begin. But when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet... and you shall be left behind.

Prophet of Truth: No enemy has ever withstood our might.

Prophet of Truth: The council decided to have y' hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the city. But ultimately, the terms of your execution are up to me.
Arbiter: I am already dead.

Tartarus: [bringing the soon to be Arbiter to the Prophets] Noble Prophets of Truth and Mercy, I have brought the incompetent.
Prophet of Truth: You may leave, Tartarus.
Tartarus: But...
Prophet of Truth: And take your Brutes with you.
Tartarus: [disappointed] Release the prisoner.
Prophet of Truth: The Council decided to have you hung by your entrails, and your corpse paraded through the city. But ultimately, the terms of your execution are up to me.
Arbiter: I am already dead.
Prophet of Truth: Indeed. Do you know where we are?
Arbiter: The Mausoleum of the Arbiter.
Prophet of Truth: Yes. Here lies the vanguard of the Great Journey. Each Arbiter, created and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis.
Prophet of Mercy: The Taming of the Hunters, the Grunt Rebellion, were it not for the Arbiters, the Covenant would have fallen long ago!
Arbiter: Even on my knees, I do not belong in their presence...
Prophet of Truth: Halo's destruction was your error, and you rightly bear the blame. But the Council was, overzealous. We know you are no heretic. THIS is the TRUE face of heresy.
[indicating hologram]
Prophet of Truth: One who would subdue our faith, and induce rebellion within the High Council.
Heretic Leader: Our Prophets are FALSE! Open your eyes, my brothers! They would use the faith of our forefathers to bring ruin to us all! The Great Journey is...
Prophet of Truth: This Heretic, and those who follow him, must be silenced.
Arbiter: What use am I now? I can no longer command ships, lead troops into battle...
Prophet of Truth: Not as you are, no. But become the Arbiter, and you shall be set free of this heresy with our blessing.
[large case holding Arbiter's armour descends and opens]
Arbiter: What of the council?
Prophet of Mercy: The tasks you will take as the Arbiter are perilous, suicidal. You will DIE. As each Arbiter before you has died. The Council will have their corpse.
Arbiter: [walks to Arbiter armour, puts on helmet, and turns to Prophets] What would you have your Arbiter do?

Prophet of Truth: [to Arbiter] Politics, how tiresome.

Halo 3 (2007) (VG)
Prophet of Truth: You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking... what? That you might escape the coming fire? Your world will burn until its surface is but glass!

Prophet of Truth: I am the Prophet of Truth! The voice of the Covenant!
Arbiter: And so, you must be silenced.