Mr. Pricklepants
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Mr. Pricklepants (Character)
from Toy Story 3 (2010)

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Toy Story of Terror (2013) (TV)
Mr. Pricklepants: Only a kitty cat. Classic misdirection.

Mr. Pricklepants: The roadside motel is one of the most common settings for a horror movie. Remote, isolated, ordinary. A quiet environment to alleviate the audience's expectations. I'll be expecting her to ask the inkeeper for the phone any minute now.
Bonnie's Mom: Can we use your phone? Our car has a flat.
Mr. Pricklepants: Right on cue.

Jessie: Where are you going?
Mr. Potato Head: We're at a motel. I'm checking out the amenities. You know, the free stuff? Little soaps, shower caps, shampoo, conditioner.
Mr. Pricklepants: I wouldn't do that if I were you. In horror movies the first to leave is usually the first to get it.
Woody: Potato Head, don't leave the bag. A motel is one of the easiest places for a toy to get lost.
Mr. Potato Head: Ah, shut your worry hole. Nobody's getting lost. Besides, I promissed Hamm I'd bring him something nice.
Jessie: Where are you guys going?
Trixie: We're gonna see the free stuff.
Mr. Pricklepants: And if something does happen to the potato, I wouldn't want to miss it.

Buzz Lightyear: Not to worry. We're all right here. See, there's Woody, Pricklepants, Trixie, Rex... Wait, where's Potato Head?
Mr. Pricklepants: And so it begins.
[Thunder clap]
Woody: Pricklepants, you're not helping!

Rex: So what happens next?
Mr. Pricklepants: Usually this is the point of the story where the characters are picked off one by one.
[He is snatched by an unseen force]
Jessie: Uh, where's Pricklepants?
Rex: Aah! He was right here! What are we going to do? He was the only one who knew what the heck is going oooo...
[Is snatched]

Trixie: It's been a while. I don't think she's coming back.
Mr. Pricklepants: Patience. Cinematic structure dictates that it's always darkest...
Mr. Potato Head: Can it, Pants! Life ain't a movie! They ain't never coming back!
Rex: Look, they're coming back!

Jessie: Uh, where's Potato Head?
Woody: Oh, no.
Mr. Pricklepants: Oh, it appears the monster has returned to claim one last victim.
Jessie: No, he's not. He's right over there.
Mr. Potato Head: [to his arm] Oh, I missed you, baby! We'll never be separated again.
[the car hits a bump, Mr. Potato Head's parts all fall off]
Mr. Potato Head: Aw, nuts.
[All laugh]
Mr. Pricklepants: Group laughter. A sure sign that the worst is behind us.
Rex: So, it's the end?
Mr. Pricklepants: Yes. I believe they'd be running the credits just about now.
[Cut to end credits]

Buzz Lightyear: [while watching the movie] Tactics, Betsy, tactics. Find something to defend yourself with.
[Betsy grabs a vase]
Buzz Lightyear: There you go.
Mr. Pricklepants: Completely uselsess! Everyone knows a stake through the heart is the only way to defeat a vampire.

Mr. Pricklepants: And now we've reached the threshold. Every horror story has one. Once the heroes cross it, there's no turning back.
Buzz Lightyear: Rex, over here.
Rex: Coming!
Woody: All we need to do is find a way down.
[Rex trips over the others and they fall down the grate]
Woody: Well, that did the trick.
Rex: Oops! Sorry!

Mr. Pricklepants: What started out as a simple horror story has become something more of a tragedy.

Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation (2011)
Mr. Pricklepants: Thank you all for coming to the audition. Number one, action!
Alien #1: Ooooh!
Mr. Pricklepants: Dreadful. Next!
Alien #2: [same inflection] Ooooh!
Mr. Pricklepants: Horrifying. Next!
Alien #3: [same inflection] Ooooh!
Mr. Pricklepants: Brilliant!

Mr. Pricklepants: [to Barbie and Ken] Dinner is served.
[the Squeaky Toy Aliens come up, providing the dinner: a huge pork with an apple in its mouth, played by Hamm]
Hamm: [spits out apple] I should've seen this coming.

Toy Story 3 (2010)
[In Bonnie's room; she is playing with her toys and Woody]
Woody: [voice box] There's a snake in my boot!
[Bonnie pulls his string again]
Woody: I'd like to join your posse, boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song.
Bonnie: A sheriff!
[she sets Woody down at a table surrounded by stuffed animals]
Bonnie: Move over, Mr. Pricklepants!
[she pushes him aside]
Bonnie: We have a guest!
[she hops from foot to foot]
Bonnie: You want some coffee?
[she sets out cups and pretends to pour from a pitcher]
Bonnie: It's good for you, but don't drink too much or you'll have to - Be right back!
[she runs out the door]
Woody: [Woody looks around, the other toys are still frozen] Pssst! Hey! Hello! Hi. Excuse me...
Mr. Pricklepants: Shh!
[he freezes]
Woody: Can you tell me where I am?
Mr. Pricklepants: Shhh!
[he freezes again]
Buttercup: The guy's just asking a question.
Mr. Pricklepants: Well, excuse me! I am trying to stay in character!
Buttercup: [to Woody] My name's Buttercup.
Mr. Pricklepants: [at Buttercup] Shh!
Trixie: Hello! I'm Trixie!
Mr. Pricklepants: [at Trixie] Shhh!
Trixie: [back at him] Shhh!
Woody: [waves his arms] Guys, hey! Guys, look, I don't know where I am...
Trixie: We're either in a café in Paris or a coffee shop in New Jersey. I'm pretty sure I just came back from the doctor with life-changing news.
Buttercup: We do a lot of improv here. Just stay loose, have fun - you'll be fine!
Woody: No, no no no, I...
[Bonnie flushes the toilet in the bathroom and Woody goes limp]

Woody: Hey, if any of you get to Sunnyside Daycare, you tell 'em Woody made it home.
Dolly: You came from Sunnyside?
Trixie: But how'd you escape?
Woody: Well, it wasn't easy. I... What do you mean "escape"?
Mr. Pricklepants: Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries.
Woody: Wh...? Lotso?
Buttercup: The guy may seem plush and huggable on the outside, but inside, he's a monster!
Woody: But, how'd you know that?
Mr. Pricklepants: Chuckles... he'll tell you.

Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014) (TV)
Mr. Pricklepants: Remember, you must inhabit the part. It's not enough to play the dinosaur, you must be the dinosaur.
Trixie: But I am the dinosaur.
Mr. Pricklepants: Perfect! Now, go out there and sparkle!