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Loretta Modern (Character)
from Pixel Perfect (2004) (TV)

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Pixel Perfect (2004) (TV)
Loretta Modern: [after Samantha reaches to see that Loretta is just a hologram]
Loretta Modern: You're in my liver.

Samantha: She's just a trick of light.
Loretta Modern: And you're nothing but water and a few pounds of chemicals! Maybe a few more pounds than you *really need.*
Samantha: It's not fair! I can't even smack her!

Loretta Modern: Why would you want Samantha anyway? She's not like me. She's not perfect.
Roscoe: She doesn't have to be.
Loretta Modern: Are you saying you love her because of her imperfections?
Roscoe: Yes! Because of everything she is, and because of everything she's not.

Loretta Modern: Perfect. Ugh! I hate that word! If I'm so perfect, why do I feel so limited? I mean, look at this place you've created. You're so lucky. Samantha, you get to be the dreamer, but all I'll ever be is the dream.
Samantha: I never thought of it that way.