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Marvin (Character)
from Wall Street (1987)

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Wall Street (1987)
[In Bud's new office]
Marv: Very nice. So what is it, *Mr.* Cocksucker now?

Marv: [Bud has been ignoring him] What the hell is the matter with you? Things are so bad out there even the lifers are complaining, but not you. No. You're pulling in big money. So what's the score huh...
Bud Fox: Hey LOOK! I am SICK and TIRED of playing wet nurse to you all the time! Will you do your own homework, Marv?
Marv: [leaves] What an asshole!

Bud Fox: Hi, Marv.
Marv: [sarcastically] Oh, hi. Say, why don't YOU get the hell out of MY office!
Bud Fox: I know I've been a bit of a schmuck lately and I just want to apologize.
Marv: You've been a *real* schmuck lately. So go thou and sin no more.
Bud Fox: Let me make it up to you.
[types on computer]
Bud Fox: Bluestar. Put *all* your clients in it.
Marv: [pause] Ok, Buddy Buddy. We are back in business on Bluestar.

Marv: We're all just one trade away from humility.

Marv: Sure went down the toilet with that ugly bitch.

Bud Fox: What's the matter? Did somebody die?
Marv: Yeah...

[BlueStar stock has gone from 19 to 22 7/8 very quickly]
Marv: Whew! Stock's going to Pluto, man.
Bud Fox: Start unloading!
Marv: What? SELL?
Bud Fox: Dump it! Dump it all! Where's Lou?
Marv: He's over there.
[Marv gets on the phone]
Marv: Ken, this is Marvin at Jackson-Steinem. We've gotta DUMP this baby! Yeah, you've got to take the money and RUN on BST! Yeah, we're pulling out now.

[Lynch is firing Dan]
Dan: We go way back, Harry. You know, I-I've put a lot of money into this firm over the years, and I've brought in a lot of businesses.
Lynch: You've taken enough out, too. You know that. You should have something put aside, for chrissake.
Dan: Well, I don't. With the divorces and everything, I haven't had a chance. And the kids...
Lynch: The bridges are burned.
[Bud walks by Lynch's office]
Dan: When you fire me, I'm finished, Harry, finished on the street.
Lynch: How do think I feel about this?
Dan: How do you think I feel? I've got a lot of responsibilities.
Bud Fox: [to Marv] What's goin' on?
Marv: Lynch is giving him the boot. He's not pulling his quota. We're all just one trade away from humility, Bud.