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Vice Principal Lancer (Character)
from "Danny Phantom" (2004)

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"Danny Phantom: One of a Kind (#1.3)" (2004)
Vice Principal Lancer: [in class, reading from an article] Brooding genius, Daniel Fenton did what no other researcher dared to do. 'Got close enough to this rare purple-back gorilla to realize that Sampson was actually a Delilah.
[stops, indignant]
Vice Principal Lancer: No body at that zoo ever bothered to see it was boy or a girl?
Danny Fenton: [shrugging] That's weird, uh. Well maybe they were respecting her privacy.
Vice Principal Lancer: [walking over to Danny's desk, while grading his paper] Well Fenton, I have to admit I am impressed. You wanted to get your grade up so bad you risked getting mauled by a gorilla.
[giving him his paper]
Vice Principal Lancer: C.
Danny Fenton: [in denial] A C?! I almost get killed by a gho..rilla and all I get is a C?!
Vice Principal Lancer: [leaving class] Life's a big mystery, isn't it Fenton. Next time you want to get your grade up try the library.