Colonel David Telford
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Colonel David Telford (Character)
from "SGU Stargate Universe" (2009)

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"SGU Stargate Universe: Darkness (#1.4)" (2009)
Colonel David Telford: [in Colonel Young's body via the stones] I gave you a direct order, Lieutenant.
Lt. Matthew Scott: Sir, I understand that you gave me a direct order, and I respectfully suggest that it would be a complete waste of time!
[a whoosh and Lt. Johansen notices Colonel Young's body language has suddenly changed]
Lt. Matthew Scott: I'm telling you, this ship came here for a reason!
[an awkward pause]
Lt. Matthew Scott: Sir?
Colonel Everett Young: The ship came here for what reason?
Lt. Matthew Scott: Colonel Young?
Colonel Everett Young: Yeah, yeah. What the hell was Telford just ordering you to do?
Lt. Matthew Scott: Use the communication stones to report that you need to be replaced.
Colonel Everett Young: Well, he probably right about that. So, the ship... came here for what reason?