Ann Smiley
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Ann Smiley (Character)
from "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (1979)

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"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Flushing Out the Mole (#1.7)" (1979)
[last lines]
Ann Smiley: Poor George. Life's such a puzzle to you, isn't it?

George Smiley: Just for a moment, I wanted to shoot him, for what he did to us.
Ann Smiley: Haydon betrayed everything, everyone.

Ann Smiley: How would you describe him?
George Smiley: Yet another man trying to find a footplace in history.
Ann Smiley: George, Bill took centre stage playing stagewright, playing world against world. He loved that! He loved being a traitor.

George Smiley: Did you love him? Ann, did you?
Ann Smiley: No, George.

"Smiley's People: Episode #1.5" (1982)
Ann Smiley: I'm all you've got, George. I'm all there is; there isn't anything else. I want to stop looking. I want you to do the same. Oh, for God's sake, let's pull down the shutters and be a boring married couple.
George Smiley: I came to tell you that, while I am away - well, it's widely known within the intelligence fraternity - on all sides - that you used to be dear to me. So you and I are both at risk while I'm away.
Ann Smiley: And afterwards?
[long pause]
George Smiley: Goodbye.

Lady Ann Smiley: You used to say they were the people who ruined England.
George Smiley: Did I? Who were THEY in those days? I forget.
Lady Ann Smiley: Most of my family, even Uncle Harry. What did they do wrong?
George Smiley: Stayed the same, I guess.

The Deadly Affair (1966)
Ann Dobbs: [shouting] How can you be so aggressive about your job and so gentle about me?
Charles Dobbs: I've always thought that... being aggressive was the way to... keep my job and being gentle was the way to keep you,
[after a reflective pause]
Charles Dobbs: Well, I've lost my job, haven't I?