Mrs. Crenshaw
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Mrs. Crenshaw (Character)
from Sorority Row (2009)

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Sorority Row (2009)
Mrs. Crenshaw: Please don't think I'm afraid of you. I run a house with fifty crazy bitches.

Mrs. Crenshaw: I saw what you did.
Jessica: We didn't mean to kill Megan.
Mrs. Crenshaw: Kill Megan? I was talking about trashing my house.

Mrs. Crenshaw: [points shotgun at Jessica] Talk.
Cassidy: Okay, listen, it was an accident and we'll explain everything later but right now, Clair is dead, Mickey's dead, Chugs is dead, and we don't know if Megan's alive or not.
Maggie: Wait, so Megan's not dead?
Jessica: We don't know! We need to get the hell out of here.
Mrs. Crenshaw: Who else is here?
Jessica: Kyle.
Mrs. Crenshaw: Is he in on this thing?
Jessica: [unconvincingly] No.
Mrs. Crenshaw: [cocks gun, points it back to her] Lie to me again.
Jessica: Okay, I told Kyle about Megan.
Cassidy: Of course you did! What's with this ''sisters for life'' crap, huh? Was I the only one that didn't tell anybody?
Mrs. Crenshaw: Where is Kyle?
Maggie: Don't look at me! He left as soon as he heard you coming.
Mrs. Crenshaw: Well, he, she or it is about to get two rounds to the face. You girls wait in Jessica's room. And call the police.
Jessica: Well, who knew Mrs. Crenshaw was such a badass?

Mrs. Crenshaw: You stay the fuck away from my girls!

Mrs. Crenshaw: Come to mama.