Jimmy Jaspersen
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Jimmy Jaspersen (Character)
from Fragments (2008)

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Fragments (2008)
Anne Hagen: God knows they were brave, Jimmy. Dad smiled down at me like he didn't have a care in the world. God wants you to be brave. You can be too. God can help you see into the hearts of everyone who fell, like I do. His witness, which you are too.
Jimmy Jaspersen: [pointing the gun at her] So witness, but tell what you really saw! Tell it!
Doris Hagen: [timidly approaching] Jimmy, this is dangerous. Whatever you two think you have to hide, it's not worse than...
Jimmy Jaspersen: Tell it.
Doris Hagen: Annie.
Anne Hagen: [takes a shaky breath, beginning to cry] I saw Dad. And he smiled down and he told me not to be scared. He was so brave. And then... I was holding his hand, and he was holding mine... and then his Coke spilled.
Jimmy Jaspersen: No!
Anne Hagen: [seemingly composing herself] Then there were more shots, and the alarm went off.
Jimmy Jaspersen: No, remember it!
[starts to cry]
Jimmy Jaspersen: You go on and I will!
Doris Hagen: Jimmy, please. This is enough.
Jimmy Jaspersen: [ignoring Doris] Tell it.
Anne Hagen: [seriously beginning to get upset] He did... he did...
Jimmy Jaspersen: Nothing!
[Anne closes her eyes and there is a flashback scene of what really happened]
Jimmy Jaspersen: [then it goes back to them, and Jimmy and Anne are both crying]
Doris Hagen: Jimmy, give me the gun.
[Doris walks over warily, and slowly prys the gun from out of Jimmy's hand, but he's so upset and crying so hard that he simply lets the gun go]
Doris Hagen: Okay. Just give me the gun. Here we go.
[Doris takes the gun from Jimmy and then puts her hand on his face briefly to comfort him]
Anne Hagen: [crying] I just sat there. I just sat there while... while that man shot Dad and I... didn't do anything.
[Jimmy watches her cry, looking even more upset at this sight]
Anne Hagen: I didn't hold his hand. I let go of his hand. I couldn't help it. He didn't die brave like I said at all, he was just scared and alone and... I didn't do anything, Mom. I'm sorry.
Doris Hagen: No, it's okay.
Anne Hagen: I can't ever forgive that man for what he did. I can't. Never.
Doris Hagen: [Doris simply looks at her daughter and then at Jimmy, who is still crying heavily] Don't either of you. Ever.