Mikuru Asahina
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Mikuru Asahina (Character)
from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (2006)

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"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu III (#1.5)" (2006)
Haruhi Suzumiya: Listen, this seriously isn't a date. If you go off to play somewhere, I'll strangle you!
[angrily walks away with Itsuki and Yuki]
Kyon: [narrating] And with those words, the Haruhi team went off to search the east side of the station. Asahina-san and I were supposed to search the west side, but...
Mikuru Asahira: What do we do?
Kyon: [scratches his head] Right?

Mikuru Asahira: You know, this is the first time I've ever walked around like this.
Kyon: Like this...?
Mikuru Asahira: All alone with a boy...
[accidently bumps into Kyon]
Kyon: That's very unexpected. You've never gone out with someone before?
Mikuru Asahira: I haven't.
Kyon: But you probably have guys asking you out all the time.
Mikuru Asahira: But I can't. I'm not allowed to get involved with anyone. At least, in this...
Mikuru Asahira: [runs to face Kyon] Kyon-kun, I have something to tell you.

[repeated lines]
Mikuru Asahira: Classified information.

Kyon: [narrating] In the end, after yielding no results nor satisfaction and wasting time and money like a joke, our outdoor activities came to an end. Just that as we were splitting up, Asahina-san...
Mikuru Asahira: [whispering] Thanks for listening to what I had to say.
[walks away waving to Kyon]
Kyon: [narrating] ... she whispered into my ear, which wasn't a bad feeling after all.
Haruhi Suzumiya: [angrily] What exactly were you doing today?
Kyon: What about you? Did you discover something interesting?
Kyon: Well, they're not careless enought to let you find them in one day.
Haruhi Suzumiya: Day after tomorrow, we'll have a review over today's behavior. Hmph!
[walks away]
Kyon: [narrating] And with that, she left.

Mikuru Asahira: You might not believe me, but... I do not belong in this epoch. I come from further into the future.
Kyon: [thinking] Now what?

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2010)
Kyon: That's the way it is. I prefer the original world after all. This one just doesn't suit me. I'm sorry, Nagato. I prefer the Nagato I've known up till now over you. Also, you look better without glasses.
Yuki Nagato: What are you talking about?
Kyon: Nagato. Return it to normal. Return yourself to normal. If you ask, I'll help you. You don't have to use that power to forcefully change things. It was fine the way it was.
Mikuru Asahina: Kyon-kun... It's pointless. This Nagato-san is completely powerless. She's just... a normal girl.
Kyon: [takes out a gun and points it at Nagato] ... Sorry.
Mikuru Asahina: Watch out, Kyon-kun!
Ryoko Asakura: [stabs Kyon in the back with a knife] ... I can't allow you to hurt Nagato-san.
Kyon: [thinks] What on earth... What on earth is this...
Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then pulls out the knife and blood splatters everywhere] ...
Kyon: [falls down on the ground yells]
Kyon: It hurts... it hurts!
[looks on his hand which is covered in blood]
Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!
Yuki Nagato: [falls down to her knees in shock] ...
Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!
Yuki Nagato: [looks at Asakura] Asakura-san...
Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then walks up to Nagato] That's right, Nagato-san. I'm here for you.
[looks at her]
Ryoko Asakura: I'll eliminate anything that threatens you.
[gets close to her and touches her chin]
Ryoko Asakura: That's the reason I was created.
Yuki Nagato: [goes back a bit and yells] ...
Ryoko Asakura: [stands up] After all...
Yuki Nagato: [looks at her] ...
Ryoko Asakura: [swings the knife so blood splatters on Nagato's face] That's what you wished for... right?
Kyon: [thinks] No way. There's no way she would wish for that... Nagato's anomalous behavior...
Ryoko Asakura: [looks at Kyon and walks next him] ...
Kyon: [thinks] She must have created an aberrant Asakura too. That's all. She must be Nagato's shadow...
Ryoko Asakura: [gets down to her knees] Let me send you off. You just need to die. You're causing distress to Nagato-san.
[hits Kyon on his wound]
Kyon: [yells] ...
Ryoko Asakura: Does it hurt? Relish the taste, because it's going to be the last sensation you feel in this life.
[takes the knife and gets ready to stab in slow-motion]
Yuki Nagato: [grabs the knife before it hits Kyon] ...

Ryoko Asakura: Why are you... How...
[falls over]
Kyon: [thinks] It feels like I've seen this scene before... Crap... I'm getting sleepy...
Mikuru Asahina: [both versions of Mikuru runs over to Kyon] No, Kyon-kun! Stay with us! I'm sorry, Kyon-kun! Please stay with us! I should have known...
Kyon: [thinks] That hurts, both you Asahina-sans... Both? Oh, I see... This is a flashback. It's cold. My blood won't stop... Crap. I'm going to die.
Kyon: [alternate version of Kyon takes the gun and points it at the original Kyon] Sorry, I could have helped out but I held back. Don't worry though, it hurt for me, too.
Kyon: [original Kyon thinks] Who is that? I don't understand...
Kyon: [alternate Kyon] We'll deal with it from here. You just sleep.
Kyon: [original Kyon closes eyes and thinks] Ah... damn... Nagato.

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Suzumiya Haruhi no taiketsu (#1.4)" (2006)
Haruhi Suzumiya: Right, Mikuru-chan? Baseball sounds good, yeah? Just so you know, we're aiming for the championship! Not a single loss will be tolerated! I really hate to lose!
[bites Mikuru's ear]
Mikuru Asahira: [silently screams] - Aaaaahhhh!

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu II (#1.3)" (2006)
Mikuru Asahira: Kyon-kun, if I get ruined for marriage, will you take me?
[walks away tearfully]
Kyon: [thinking] What should I say? Asahina-san, from behind, you look like a student failed to get into college. Or a salesman after buying a house beyond his budget. Wait, you're going to call me that too?