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Quotes for
Michael Ryan (Character)
from Secret Admirer (1985)

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Secret Admirer (1985)
Michael: Jesus! You are one gutsy virgin!

Michael: Good evening Mr. Fimple
Lou Fimple: Fuck you!

Michael: What are you guys doing tonight?
Deborah Anne Fimple: Nothing much.
Toni: Kappa Omega party.
Michael: Oh, you mean the homo house?
Deborah Anne Fimple: Well one will crack jokes about others when they are insecure with their own masculinity.
Michael: Oh, I hate guys like that. They're so immature.
Steve Powers: [Steve drives up] Hey beautiful! Want a ride?
Michael: No thanks, Steve. I'll walk.
Deborah Anne Fimple: [sarcastically] Real mature.

Michael: [Michael has finished composing his letter to Deborah, he reads it before sealing it, impressed with his work] Jesus.
Toni: [steaming Michael's letter open and reading it, in disgust] JESUS!
Deborah Anne Fimple: [reading "Michael's" letter by Toni, dreamily] Jesus...