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Quotes for
Evan (Character)
from The Last Word (2008/I)

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The Last Word (2008/I)
Abel: I love music. I just wish I didn't need it to pay the bills.
Evan: Yeah, but if you didn't write music what would you do? Right?
Abel: I would buy a cliff.
Evan: Hu?
Abel: I would buy a cliff where people could come and throw shit off. You know, like fax machines and computers or whatever. Things that piss them off cause they didn't work right. Like an outlet for machine rage. And the whole thing would be video taped in slow-motion so they could watch their heap of shit break into a million pieces back at home. Plus, for an extra couple bucks I would attach an explosive so it would blow up on impact. Just like they do in the movies. A big fire ball. That would be cool.

Evan: That's your stress therapy, scaring babies?
Abel: Well I also do breathing exercises.

Evan: Where were you born?
Charlotte: Bethesda, Maryland.
Evan: I've never been there; is it nice?
Charlotte: I don't remember; I was zero at the time.
Evan: Alright, look. I... I don't really... date much.
Charlotte: And you're doing great. So far, since we've been here, you haven't scoped out any other chicks, or stolen my credit card. Which is a lot more than I can say for my last date. So, in my book, you're aces.