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Norton Drake (Character)
from "War of the Worlds" (1988)

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"War of the Worlds: Thy Kingdom Come (#1.3)" (1988)
Norton Drake: Howdy boys. I'm new in town, looking for a good cup of fresh black coffee.

[After being locked in a cell.]
Dr. Suzanne McCullough: Why do I get the feeling things are out of control?
Norton Drake: Could it be the iron bars?

Dr. Suzanne McCullough: Harrison, you are a dangerous man.
Norton Drake: But loveable.

Dr. Suzanne McCullough: How did a girl like me get into this mess?
Norton Drake: I'm just a dude good with computers, you figure.

"War of the Worlds: Eye for an Eye (#1.5)" (1988)
Norton Drake: [With his eyes wide opened] THEY'RE HERE!
Colonel Paul Ironhorse: [after the disguised aliens chase after him to Mr Flannery's barn] THEY'RE COMING!

Officer #1: Sorry there was a big storm last night. Rockslide. Turn back now.
Norton Drake: Rockslide? Okay.
Officer #1: [In alien language] The humans are so gullible.

"War of the Worlds: The Resurrection (#1.1)" (1988)
[On the cottage.]
Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse: Without proper authority, no-one gets in and no-one gets out.
Norton Drake: Makes pizza delivery a bit rough.