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Quotes for
Mario (Character)
from Emmanuelle (1974)

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Emmanuelle (1974)
Mario: Love between couples should be outlawed. Every act of love must include a third person.

Mario: It states that one must make love without shame or constraint. That virginity is not glorious. That the couple has its limits. And that these limits must be stretched to infinity.

Mario: All fear should be totally abolished. The fear of questioning oneself and the fear of being happy engender the values of a false morality, taboos, conformism, the refusal of life... in a word: lies.

Emmanuelle: Basically eroticism is the opposite of making love.
Mario: It's notably through love that man strives to break with his daily existence. It's the victory of dreams over nature.

Mario: Making love is not important, its the way you make love.

Mario: One must use one's body to understand others and oneself. We must loosen the bonds. We must liberate the screams that have been silenced for centuries and destroy established values. Fill your head with more sensations than you can obtain every man on earth. One must use the unusual. The unusual which is beyond all that is customary. The wife impregnated in the nuptial bed has no knowledge of eroticism. One must organize one's adventures with economy. One must eliminate sentiment. My emptied head has become so fearful and so avid that love alone can satisfy it.

Emmanuelle: I wonder if I've been dreaming for quite some now.
Mario: It's because we're abroad. As exiles, we're reduced to futile pastimes. Napoleon passed the time on St Helena counting his spoons. One mustn't become resigned at any price. Here in Bangkok if you say that, everyone will agree. But if you talk of sex, then you will have sinned against our ancestral taboos. l'm a collector. It's a very respected occupation, collecting. I collect situations.

Mario: Love, true love, needs to be unnatural. The definition of true love is the erection, not the orgasm. Couples should be outlawed. It should be compulsory to include a third person.

Mario: l want us to find the unknown by the unsettling of the senses. Couples should be outlawed. It should be compulsory to include a third person...

Emmanuelle's Revenge (1993) (TV)
Old Emmanuelle: [after Mario talks about his World War II experiences] You are a spy!
Mario: Yes. You should've know me there. I was a cap of dynamite.