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Eileen Day Callan (Character)
from "Family Affairs" (1997)

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"Family Affairs: Episode #1.2212" (2005)
Cat MacKenzie: [Cat is giving the Eulogy at Pete's Funeral] Pete Callan was a man we all... knew, erm... He was a father of two...
[Doug holds up three fingers]
Cat MacKenzie: three! And, erm, he was a husband. Firstly there was Maria, and then Claire, and then Siobhan, although he had to remarry Siobhan because the first time was bigamy. And then finally there was Eileen. Pete will always be remembered as a bit of a colourful character. Although we never really saw him in anything but black!
[she laughs rather uncomfortably; Eileen walks in]
Eileen Callan: Thank you, Cat.
Cat MacKenzie: [after a pause] No Problem.
Eileen Callan: That was a noble effort. Perhaps I can find the words for how Pete should be remembered. When a person dies before their time, we usually think what a shame it is; we overlook their faults, and we praise their qualities. In this company, I know I'd be wasting my breath. Pete Callan - my husband - was a liar. An adulterer. Yet this was the man I chose to live with. The man I married. The man I've recently discovered has cut me out of his life like I never existed. We'll think back on you, Pete - as the man most hated, and the man most adored. Not least by me. I know what's in my heart, and despite everything, because of you, I've been lucky enough to know what true love feels like. You can't ever rob me of that.