Carmine Sabatini
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Carmine Sabatini (Character)
from The Freshman (1990)

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The Freshman (1990)
Carmine Sabatini: [Looking around the dorm] So, this is college.
Carmine Sabatini: I didn't miss nothing.

Clark Kellogg: It's about these animals. These reptiles
Carmine Sabatini: Yeah, what about 'em?
Clark Kellogg: They're endangered.
Carmine Sabatini: Not any more. They're in Jersey, they're fine.

[last lines]
Carmine Sabatini: When you finish film school, I'd like to call you, because I know a lot of people in Hollywood.
Clark Kellogg: Oh, really?
Carmine Sabatini: Yeah. I could kick a couple of doors open for you.
Clark Kellogg: Oh. Oh.
Carmine Sabatini: Give you a couple of opportunities.
Clark Kellogg: Oh. Oh, no. No, no. You know, I... I don't know. I don't think that's necessary.
Carmine Sabatini: No, no, no, really. It's easy for me. I'll just make a phone call. Make it easy for you.

Carmine Sabatini: I want you to take this opportunity. Totally legitimate work for $1,000 dollars a week. And I know that you're not gonna disappoint me.
Clark Kellogg: Well, I don't see how I could say no.
Carmine Sabatini: [leans back in his chair] This is not a yes.
[takes a walnut and cracks it open in his hand]
Carmine Sabatini: [still crushing the shell] I want to hear yes.

Clark Kellogg: It's a crime.
Carmine Sabatini: Now you're speaking in generalities.

Clark Kellogg: I'm illegally transporting endangered species! Please, sir, I'd like to be let out.
Carmine Sabatini: Wait a minute. This is an impossibility.
Clark Kellogg: What do you mean? Why can't...
Carmine Sabatini: Look, Clark. I have a certain standing in the business community. How's it gonna look? A young college kid gonna make me look like a fool? I mean this is humiliation. It's infamia.

Clark Kellogg: Sir, I don't know where this talk of marriage began, but I'm really not ready. I'd really like to sample life a little bit first.
Carmine Sabatini: Wait. No, wait. Clark, after you get married you sample life. I mean, this is what men do. Marriage is an institution. It's the bedrock of society. What you're talking about is a little va-va-voom. This is self understood. But, what I'm talking about is social order.

Clark Kellogg: You promise?
Carmine Sabatini: Every word I say, by definition, is a promise.

Clark Kellogg: There's federal officers after me.
Carmine Sabatini: Did you get their names?
Clark Kellogg: Greenwald and Simpson. They told me that they would put me in jail for two years, unless I led them to the Gourmet Club.
Carmine Sabatini: No, they're not gonna, they're not gonna send you to jail.
Clark Kellogg: Oh, they're not?
Carmine Sabatini: No, they're gonna blow your brains out.

Carmine Sabatini: I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

Victor Ray: This is my uncle, Carmine Sabatini. Uncle Carmine, this is Clark. Hey, you know you never told me your last name?
Clark Kellogg: Kellogg.
Victor Ray: Kellogg.
Carmine Sabatini: Just like the cereal. Like the breakfast cereal.

Clark Kellogg: You know, your resemblance to the Godfather...
Victor Ray: Clark, Clark, have a seat.
Carmine Sabatini: Pull up a chair.
Clark Kellogg: Thank you.
Carmine Sabatini: How'd you like a nut?

Clark Kellogg: Do you know, that picture on the wall back there, that wouldn't by any chance be Mussolini?
Carmine Sabatini: It ain't Tony Bennett.
Carmine Sabatini: Some of the other members of the club, just, eh, I don't know, they keep it up there for sentiment.
Clark Kellogg: Sentiment?
Victor Ray: Yeah, you know, the old days.
Carmine Sabatini: Yeah, it's for the old days, for good or for bad. It would be like for you, I suppose, a picture of the The Beatles.
Victor Ray: Yeah, The Beatles.
Clark Kellogg: They're actually before my time.
Carmine Sabatini: Well, whatever works.

Carmine Sabatini: My nephew tells me you're from Kansas.
Clark Kellogg: Vermont.
Carmine Sabatini: Vermont. Kansas. Vermont.
Victor Ray: Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
Carmine Sabatini: The most important thing is we're all Americans.

Carmine Sabatini: Listen, I want to say something, from my heart. You're a great boy. I mean you are one of a kind.
Clark Kellogg: Thank you.
Carmine Sabatini: No, really, the kind of kids I had working for me were mopey, muddled. But, you, you're from Connecticut!

Clark Kellogg: This whole thing's been a scam? This gourmet thing?
Carmine Sabatini: This is an ugly word, this, scam. This is business - and if you want to be in business, this is what you do.

Carmine Sabatini: [Walking the Komodo dragon] What's the matter with you? You turning out to be a bum. Come on, hey, come on. Come on. If it weren't for me you could have been a - could have been a handbag.