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Detective Noseworthy (Character)
from The Boys of St. Vincent (1992) (TV)

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The Boys of St. Vincent (1992) (TV)
Chief Kennedy: [after reading Noseworthy's report and the witness statements] You will rewrite this piece of pornography! I can't send something like this out! You will remove all references to sexual matters, is that understood?
Detective Noseworthy: I didn't make this stuff up, Chief! Those are sworn statements made by the boys.
Chief Kennedy: You get orders. I get orders. Now the case is closed!
[Noseworthy prepares to leave]
Chief Kennedy: This comes straight from the Department of Justice! There are to be no arrests! Apparently the brothers involved will be sent somewhere for treatment.
Detective Noseworthy: I told the little kid he wouldn't be buggered anymore. What do I tell him now? That the High Holy Church and a bunch of criminal politicians don't give a damn about him!