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Quotes for
Errol Sparks (Character)
from "La Femme Nikita" (1997)

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"La Femme Nikita: Simone (#1.3)" (1997)
Errol Sparks: [to Nikita posing as JB] One more question JB, what kind of music do you like?
Nikita: [after long pause] I don't listen to music.
Errol Sparks: Why not?
Nikita: Music evokes emotion.
Errol Sparks: Emotion spawns genius.
Nikita: Emotion blurs judgement.

Errol Sparks: How far paths are?
Siobhan: Exactly one mile. They're both inbound
Errol Sparks: On converging path?
[Siobhan assents]
Errol Sparks: *Very* *good*. Turn it up!

Siobhan: [looking at a circuit board] Ooh, look at you.
[she opens a computer cabinet]
Errol Sparks: Did Leon ask any questions?
Hester: He was too busy counting the money.
Siobhan: [as she does it] Lets put you in.
Errol Sparks: How long before you can Q. A. in?
Siobhan: This baby is plug-and-play.
[closes the cabinet]
Siobhan: [after a while] There it is. O'Hare airport. Every electronic pathway, from radar controller to men's room light switch.
Errol Sparks: Is it live?
Siobhan: Let see.
[dials a number on the phone]
Employee answering phone: [on the phone] O'Hare maintenance.
Siobhan: Yes, this is the cafeteria. Do you just ordered some sandwiches?
Hester: [giggles]
Employee answering phone: Sandwiches? I didn't, but hang on. I'll check.
[after a while]
Employee answering phone: That's the fire alarm?

Siobhan: [about Nikita] I don't like her.
Errol Sparks: I don't like you.

"La Femme Nikita: I Remember Paris (#3.16)" (1999)
Errol Sparks: You don't even care what we do in here, do you Siobhan? God help us if the other side has more candy.