Detective Dutch Wagenbach
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Biography for
Detective Dutch Wagenbach (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach was one of the original detectives at "The Barn" when it opened. Dutch got into police work in hopes of gaining love and admiration from his father. He transferred from the Sunset station, where things were a bit more relaxed a laid back. He was soon partnered with Detective Claudette Wyms and the two are a strong team. Over time, Dutch earns Claudette's unflagging respect and loyalty.

Dutch is a very good detective despite being characterized as a bit inept on the social side. He is often called upon to investigate crimes involving serial killers and general profiling of the offenders. Dutch is fairly unlucky at love. He divorced his wife, an alcoholic who cheated on him with her AA sponsor and became pregnant. He has more than one crush on female police officers, generally with unsuccessful results. He does engage in one relationship that hits particularly close to home for Vic Mackey, with whom he has a deep rivalry.

Dutch, sometimes considered the moral center of the station, sees Vic as a thug who ultimately needs to get his comeuppance. Indeed, it is Dutch who might be the one capable of bringing down Mackey's Strike Team.

Dutch also has a heated and tense relationship with Detective Steve Billings, who often mocks Dutch despite relying on him from time to time.