Detective Nate Moretta
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Detective Nate Moretta (Character)
from "Southland" (2009)

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"Southland: Sally in the Alley (#1.4)" (2009)
Det. Sammy Bryant: You've been draggin' my ass all over the place for two days - what the hell is goin' on, Nate?
Det. Nate Moretta: Mercedes isn't my sister... she's my daughter.
[Sammy looks at him in surprise]
Det. Nate Moretta: Right after I enlisted, I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. We were all set to put the kid up for adoption, but my parents jumped in the middle of things. They refused to let their first grandchild be raised by a stranger.
Det. Sammy Bryant: Does Mercedes know?
Det. Nate Moretta: No... I don't know, maybe. Maybe that's why she's actin' out like this.

Det. Nate Moretta: I didn't want you to find out this way.
Mercedes Moretta: When? On your deathbed?
Det. Nate Moretta: ...Look, I was young. I couldn't give you the home that you deserved. Mom and Pops, they could give that to you.
Mercedes Moretta: What about my mother? Why didn't she take me?
Det. Nate Moretta: Because your mother... fell in with the wrong group of people. OK? She got into drugs, she got into alcohol.
Mercedes Moretta: Do you still talk to her?
Det. Nate Moretta: No, Mija, I don't. By the time I came home from the army, she... she moved away.
Mercedes Moretta: Do I look like her?
Det. Nate Moretta: Sure do - a lot. You're beautiful - just the way she was.
Mercedes Moretta: I want to find her.
Det. Nate Moretta: ...OK. We can try.
Mercedes Moretta: For real?
Det. Nate Moretta: For real.

"Southland: Two Gangs (#1.5)" (2009)
Det. Sammy Bryant: [referring to Nate's wife] You a cop when you met her?
Det. Nate Moretta: Nah, I was a private.
Det. Sammy Bryant: ...I was a stoner when I met Tammi.
Det. Nate Moretta: [laughing] What, are you serious?
Det. Sammy Bryant: Stoned all through high school.
Det. Nate Moretta: Wow.
Det. Sammy Bryant: Just hangin' with my...
Det. Nate Moretta: Was Tammi part of that group?
Det. Sammy Bryant: My wife is not a group person; she doesn't get the team mentality.
Det. Nate Moretta: ...It's her loss.
Det. Sammy Bryant: [after a few seconds] You ever smoked weed?
Det. Nate Moretta: ...No.
Det. Sammy Bryant: [after considering this for several seconds] ... Yeah, I didn't think so.

"Southland: Derailed (#1.7)" (2009)
Det. Nate Moretta: [discussing the just-released Marta Ruiz] Well, what about ICE? She's freakin' illegal.
Det. Sammy Bryant: Asylum. The lawyer told the court that if they deported her back to Mexico again, cartel would kill her.
Det. Andy Williams: This is so screwed up; bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses dying to deal drugs.
Det. Kenny 'No-Gun': The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Det. Sammy Bryant: Yeah, you think this is funny? Huh? She and her freakin' sons have tried to take out Janila twice. Now she's gotta wait for trial again, while this monster's out on bail?... This sucks!

"Southland: Phase Three (#2.1)" (2010)
Droopy: Hey, check it out, dawg. I got a new tattoo. You always liked this shit.
Detective Nate Moretta: It's good. Mama tried.
Detective Sammy Bryant: You know the song?
Droopy: What song?
Detective Nate Moretta: Como que, what song? Merle Haggard, vato.
Droopy: Merle who?
Detective Nate Moretta: Mama tried.
Droopy: Can you sing it?
Detective Sammy Bryant: Can he sing it?
Detective Nate Moretta: Check this out. I turned 21 in prison Doing life without parole No one could steer me right, but Mama tried Mama tried, Mama tried.
Droopy: [laughs] This boy always cracks me up, Dawg. It's good. I like it. I like it.