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Quotes for
Brockman (Character)
from Whatever Works (2009)

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Whatever Works (2009)
Leo Brockman: You know, I have to say, even with a text book right wing mentality, your mother-in-law has beautifully shaped breasts.
Boris Yellnikoff: You know, you-your a man of learning, of cultivation, of aesthetic sensibility, this is what you take away from all that school prayer hokum and my country right or wrong? Her bosom?
Leo Brockman: Its not just her bosom! Her behind is also beautifully contoured.
Boris Yellnikoff: Well, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting her to bed. She's vulnerable. She's stupid and she's been abandoned. Personally, I lose all erotic inclination when the woman's a member of the National Rifle Association.
Leo Brockman: It's pear shaped. Degas used to distinguish between an apple shaped behind and pear shaped. And I'm a big fruit eater.