Tommy Anderson
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Tommy Anderson (Character)
from "Dennis the Menace" (1959)

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"Dennis the Menace: Dennis and the Wedding (#2.2)" (1960)
Tommy: Dennis, what's it like being in love?
Dennis: Well, it's sorta like - like Christmas!
Tommy: Oh!
Dennis: But you know what it's like being jilted?
Tommy: Uh-uh.
Dennis: It's like opening your biggest present and finding out it's something to wear.

"Dennis the Menace: Paint-Up, Clean-Up Week (#2.9)" (1960)
Dennis Mitchell: [after cleaning up Mr. Wilson's yard] Boy! I'll bet even Mr. Wilson couldn't do a better job than this!
Tommy Anderson: I'll say! Maybe he'll give us a nickel!
Dennis Mitchell: We're not taking anything from him. We're doing it because he's our friend.
Tommy Anderson: Okay - but next time, we better work for somebody we don't like.