Jonas Blane
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Biography for
Jonas Blane (Character)
from "The Unit" (2006)

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Blane is a former Ranger and Special Forces-qualified senior NCO, leading Alpha Team of the 1st Special Actions Group (official cover as the "303rd Logistical Studies Group"). He and his wife Molly have one daughter. He is competent in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and Persian.

Jonas is Alpha Team's non-commissioned officer in charge. He is frequently referred to as Top by his team, and the members of his team try to do what he would do in any given situation. However he is far from infallible and makes several mistakes during the course of the series. His sidearm of choice is a customized Colt 45 automatic but as an off-duty gun he uses a Smith&Wesson .380 pocket pistol. In tropical climates he wears a distinctive Australian slouch hat which he considers a lucky charm. He is a confidant of two different U.S. presidents who both use him for personal, secret missions outside the normal chain of command.

His hobbies seem to be collecting antique militaria and fishing. Outside of his teammates, his best friend is Ron Cheals, a former member of the Unit who was severely injured and left disabled during a mission and forced into retirement. He is also a friend of Col. Tom Ryan but this is stretched by Ryan's behavior in the later seasons.

Jonas' radio call sign is "Snake Doctor," which is Southern U.S. slang for a dragonfly (based on the myth that they follow snakes around and heal their injuries). Years of continual combat have left Jonas with numerous injuries including three pieces of shrapnel close to the spine that would enable him to retire on full disability benefits if he wanted to. He refuses to retire, however, or take up lucrative private security work contrary to his wife's wishes.