Whitley Strieber
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Whitley Strieber (Character)
from Communion (1989)

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Communion (1989)
Whitley Strieber: Crack the whip! Drive the slaves off to another cocktail party. Make them babble about Glasnost, I've lost another day here!

Whitley Strieber: [Doppleganger scene] I am you. And you are me. And we are here. I am the dreamer and you are the dream.

Whitley Strieber: Is that someone there?

Whitley Strieber: [Disturbed under hypnosis] I CAN'T GET OUT OF THIS!

Whitley Strieber: You know what he's doing in there? The old Romanian turn-on! Ze spirits ov ze vulfs!
Anne Strieber: And she's like this!

Whitley Strieber: [Under hypnosis] The world is blowing up. My son is dead.

Whitley Strieber: [as an Alien readies the Rectal Probe] Can we talk this over? It looks like you're going to sing White Christmas...

Whitley Strieber: The world is getting so small, it would be nice to meet someone new!

Whitley Strieber: It's been an Ice Age. I've missed you. The old Ball and Chain.

Whitley Strieber: I don't want to be crazy.

Whitley Strieber: Then there's the other thing. The rectal thing.
Dr. Friedman: Well it happens, you know? Even to men.

Whitley Strieber: You are not going to let us see you. That's a good idea.

Whitley Strieber: I overreacted.

Anne Strieber: You were frightened by a Halloween Mask?
Whitley Strieber: Yes.
Anne Strieber: A Halloween Mask frightened you?
Whitley Strieber: Is there an echo? Yes.

Whitley Strieber: There are wolves in the closet, wolves in the basement, wolves all over the place. They work in advertising. They sell junk food and beer. They eat gigantic hamburgers and they drink cold beers with the baseball games and the TV and the bags of the potato chips that are big enough to feed a horse. They have a lot of fun. They go to baseball games, they have a heck of a good time.

Whitley Strieber: Am I not gorgeous?

Anne Strieber: Where are you going?
Whitley Strieber: I'm going out for some cigarettes.
Anne Strieber: You don't smoke.

Whitley Strieber: What do I call a book about you?

Whitley Strieber: [Doppleganger] It is a puzzle box. And you're not going to get to see what's inside. Let's just get that clear.

Whitley Strieber: It was like I'd seen it before. Alive...

Whitley Strieber: Look at me, I'm naked! I'm talking to you like you're real. Go to Hell!

Whitley Strieber: [after Whitley's final encounter] They invited me to come with them. I had the feeling forever. Then it was morning.
Anne Strieber: They asked you to go away with them?
Whitley Strieber: Yeah... I just came home to get my stuff.
[They start to laugh]

Whitley Strieber: When the doctor hypnotized me, I was supposed to remember prowlers, or something, but in fact, I recall something else. I sure do.
Alex: What?
Whitley Strieber: [Holds a hand about three feet above the floor] Little blue f**kers, about that big.

Whitley Strieber: You've broken my mind.

Whitley Strieber: That's not it. I didn't come all this way for you to tell me that that's what it is. Is there something under that because I don't believe that one. It's like a box, a chinese box. You open it and there's another one inside and another one inside, another one inside... You're not gonna let me see you are you?

Whitley Strieber: I can't wake up.

Whitley Strieber: Was there an owl in here last night?

Whitley Strieber: Awful... Terrible.
Dr. Janet Duffy: What's terrible?
Whitley Strieber: What they did to me.

Dr. Janet Duffy: Now go forward to later that night. Go forward. What happens?
Whitley Strieber: I'm checking out the house.
Dr. Janet Duffy: Why?
Whitley Strieber: In case there might be somebody there, hiding.
Dr. Janet Duffy: Who?
Whitley Strieber: Those things, people.
Dr. Janet Duffy: Did you know about those people then?
Whitley Strieber: Sure.
Dr. Janet Duffy: Did you tell anyone?
Whitley Strieber: I wasn't supposed to.

Anne Strieber: Put your grey pants on, elephants are grey.
Whitley Strieber: [Playing with the elasticated trunk] Is this the front or the back?

Whitley Strieber: I don't need this. Bad dreams.

Whitley Strieber: He's sending me to a shrinker who specialises in, believe it or not, rape cases.
Anne Strieber: Well, good.

Dr. Janet Duffy: It's okay.
Whitley Strieber: Yes. But if I was in my...
Whitley Strieber: right mind...
[normal voice]
Whitley Strieber: I would know that too.

Whitley Strieber: Oh, these crazy women.

Andrew Strieber: [Walking in the snow] Why are we sad?
Anne Strieber: Andy, what a thing to say.
Andrew Strieber: Well, Dad's sad.
Whitley Strieber: This new book, I'm under a lot of pressure...

Woman on Bus: [Crying] Excuse me, I'm lost, can you tell me if this bus goes to the end of the line?
Whitley Strieber: [Shrugs, moves away. Suddenly sees everyone on the bus as an alien. Pushes his way off the bus] Let me tell you, you folks are in for a big surprise, one very big surprise.

Whitley Strieber: I don't believe this. It's an ambush!

Whitley Strieber: What a day, what a day, what a shmeer...

Whitley Strieber: [hypnotised] I don't think I like this.

Whitley Strieber: [should Andrew be hypnotised] He's too young.

Whitley Strieber: Are you old?

Whitley Strieber: I see a light go by the window. But I don't want to think about that!